Obama Proclaims Innocence In Birth Certificate, Loyalty Questions


Obama Had No Role In His Use Of Fake Documents And Cover Up – He’s Being Bullied

To hear him tell the story, Hussein Obama has been victimized by all types of American media, his protectors and propagandists for the last eight or nine years. There’s certainly not much objectivity or appreciation under that thin foreign skin for all they’ve done for him. He says that they’ve been feeding the Republican base a “notion” that everything he does is to be opposed, that cooperation or compromise is a betrayal.

The truth is that it’s only because of his Marxism and his determination to destroy this country that many of the American people outside of the DC cesspool oppose everything he does. Were it not for the fact that he hates this country and is doing everything he can to take us down, there would likely be quite a bit of room for compromise.

The most inflexible man in American politics then whines that “maximalist, absolutist positions on issues are politically advantageous,” that there is “a them out there and an us” and them are the folks “that are causing whatever problems you are experiencing.”

He doesn’t appear to be high on anything but his next comments certainly have little other explanation. He says, “And the tone of that politics, which I certainly have not contributed to.” Really, Hussein? Everybody is picking on you because of your color again? It gets even richer as he says, “I don’t think I was the one to prompt questions about my birth certificate for example.” He said it with a straight face. Mexican cartels, grade A, fresh. What else could it be?

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Why is he lying about these things at this particular time? Of course he was the one who prompted the discussion by hiding his records and spending millions to keep them hidden. The discoveries by others of his inconsistencies and falsifications were caused by his deception and fraudulence. Not only is his birth certificate a point of contention, so are his college records, his secondhand social security number and his obviously falsified draft registration. By using false documents and covering it up he was the single greatest contributor to the questions and he knows it. By the way Obama, did you ever explain why you and your domestic partner gave up your law licenses?

Obama mocks those who know about his document fraud by stating that he never said, “Why don’t you ask me about that?” Here’s one for you Obama, why don’t you answer ten questions under oath, smart guy? How funny will it be then?

He suggests sarcastically, “Why don’t you question whether I’m American or whether I’m loyal or whether I have America’s best interests at heart?” We can do that on the American citizen question, Obama, but you’ll lie as always. As for the loyalty and best interest, those questions were answered over the last long seven years and you failed miserably.

He then goes on to credit all of the outside factors, absent his own treachery, with the rise of Donald Trump. It was everything aside from the destruction during Obama’s tenure that led to the citizen revolt. Like everything else, Obama learned about it by watching TV or from his golfing buddies.

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Obama says he is more than happy to own the responsibility as ‘president,’ [it would be the first time] as the only office holder who is elected by all the American people, to continue to make efforts to bridge divides and help us find common ground. Maybe he’ll do that once he puts down his “Black Lives Matter” banner, reminds us a few more times that defending ourselves and our country is “not who we are,” changes out of his “I can’t breathe” sweatshirt, and wipes that authentic, Illegal alien-made taco sauce from the corners of his septic lie hole.

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