No This Man Is Not Wearing A Mask- His Name Is Orem And This Is His Story…


This man’s name is Orem Onyango and he lives in a small village in Kitale, in the country of Kenya known as Kona Mbaya. Orem was not born this way, as far as I know, he was born just as normally as everyone else and had a normal childhood. Until his mother died.

You’ve all heard the fairy stories of the wicked step mother. Well, Orem’s was terrifyingly real. At the age of ten, Orem’s step mother doused his face with scalding hot water in an attempt to kill him. Orem survived the assault, but at a ghastly price.

He fled the home he knew to stay with one of his brothers, who raised him until he too, passed away. Orem had yet one more brother, but he dare not stay with him. This brother waits eagerly for Orem’s death so he can seize their fathers land for his own and would likely murder young Orem at the first opportunity.

At the age of twenty, he lives mostly on his own now. He is cared for by a kind villager who has taken pity on him and helps Orem.

Here is a short video :


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