News May Break Soon… Does Bill Clinton Really have AIDS?

Bill Clinton recently appearing sick and frail.

News May Break Soon… Does Bill Clinton Really have AIDS?

Former President Bill Clinton Gives Closing Remarks At The Int'l AIDS ConferenceLast year, I was first in breaking news that actor Charlie Sheen in fact had AIDS and would soon publicly announce it.


This was based on Sheen’s sexually promiscuous lifestyle, of course, but mainly his deteriorating appearance of weight loss, lose skin in the facial and neck areas, as well as his loss of physical vibrancy. Other celebrities such as Rock Hudson who died of AIDS also exhibited these same characteristics as do most HIV positive and full blown AIDS patients do.


Since I follow this year’s presidential primaries very closely, I have recently noticed the same physical characteristics of AIDS patients exhibited by Bill Clinton’s appearance and persona. At first, anyone may think he is getting up in age and the deteriorating features are natural. However, on further examination one has to speculate that Bill Clinton is a very ill man suffering from advanced stages of AIDS. 


Like Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton has lived the sexually promiscuous lifestyle and may very well have contracted AIDS. I think Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can to keep it quiet. It is very apparent at almost all Hillary Clinton campaign rallies and speeches where Bill attends that he is a very sick man.


To this day, both Hillary and Bill have not made their personal medical records public. Although, Hillary also suffers from ill health, it is a possibility but pure speculation right now, that Bill Clinton having AIDS that is the reason for the refusal to release their medical records.


The Hillary Campaign hopes the announcement of Bill Clinton having AIDS will come shortly after the election, but with his rapid physical deterioration it will more than likely happen much sooner. We may even see him collapse at some given point during a speech or event.  
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