New Report Released Claims Mapping of Racism Hotspots

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A recent report by the University of Rochester draws some rather uncomplimentary conclusions about the state of racism in the southern states in America. It paints a picture of a people who have never given up on the idea that black people should be the slaves of white people. They don’t take it to that extreme in print, but that is the


They basis of the report includes the use of such evidentiary points as whether or not one supports “affirmative action.” This is flawed and racial in and of itself.  There are reasons why someone would not be in favor of affirmative action which have nothing to do with race. Redistribution of wealth and restrictions on equal opportunity are two that come to my mind.


If one supports the preferential treatment of a group of people based upon their skin color or national origin, I label that as racism. Resources are finite, by assisting one group or individually, one naturally must equally diminish the opportunity for others. Placing the moniker of equality on this type of racial preference doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make it a good thing. It just makes it easier to sell. This is what “affirmative action” does. I contend contrarily, that support for “affirmative action” is racist.


Let me put my own spin on the whirling mass of distortion coming out of Libville.


I believe the Americans in the south might have a different interpretation of the difference between what is right and what is wrong. I further submit that they may have a different view of the principle of fair play than their so-described “enlightened” liberal counterparts in other parts of the country.


I, like many Americans, have lived in many different states and I spent most of my childhood in the south. This is the viewpoint I came away with of my fellow Americans from “down yonder.” They are not the small-minded hicks this report makes them out to be. They are by and large good people who should not be tarnished  and belittled by this false and overly simplistic liberal mugging.

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I don’t see any self-righteous know-it-alls from the University of Alabama or any other southern school going to New York or other northern states and conducting a similar exercise in reverse. Who is writing a report documenting the racism which exists in inner cities towards white Americans? Nobody, and I would argue that the reason for that is there is no agenda of promoting racism for personal gain in the south. It is my belief that the liberal agenda of creating division and using that division as the tool for the implementation of self-serving policies and regulations is the motivation for this attack on southern values and southern culture.


Southern people generally have very basic and strong feelings regarding right and wrong. They don’t see wealth redistribution as right. They see a fair opportunity as right. Once you cross from opportunity into mandated preference, you are wrong.


Placing a racist stigma upon a region of our nation based upon flawed metrics is a mistake. Where is the data regarding the racism that exists in reverse, the black on white racism? My guess is that it would not have produced the desired result and therefore it served no purpose.


For the sake of clarity and in the national best interest, we should redefine many of the programs in place as what they are, government institutionalized racism. They should not all be eliminated, necessarily. It is good to feed poor people who can’t feed themselves. But let’s take the racial consideration out of the decision making process. Help those who need help, and don’t discriminate against any citizen, black or white, yellow or brown.

Let’s get back to being Americans, first and dispense with the government sponsored in-fighting. Subdividing America is destructive to our survival as a nation. Creating a preferred racial class is also destructive. Racial discrimination should not be endorsed or practiced by a United States government of the people and for the people, regardless of special interests or contrived justification.

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