Affluent Neighborhood Forms Armed Patrol To Stamp Out Crime: Democrats Continue Anti-Police Rhetoric

Neighborhood Forms Armed Security Patrol To Stamp Out Crime

1024x1024-1A group of San Antonio homeowners have grown tired of crime in their neighborhood. This comes at a time when leftist political pressure has dissuaded police departments across the country from effective pro-active enforcement methods. These armed homeowners are causing some minor concerns, but are mostly finding support in their community.

1024x1024-2The need for the armed detail was realized after a string of burglaries and a shooting of a 60 year-old man. Witnesses could only state that the suspects were hispanic and wearing hoodies.

The Oaks at Cobblestone is an upper middle class neighborhood, and not generally known for high crime. This is likely why homeowners are stepping up and working together.

We can expect more of this pro-active security efforts by law abiding citizens as police forces face potentially hand-tying federal oversight, and undue condemnation from Democrats. Pro-#BLM Hillary Clinton has openly stated that she wants to use federal government training to extract intuition out of policing. She calls it “implicit bias”, which means, ignore statistics and lower expectations of civility on minorities. She’s also promising to ban the very weapons these law abiding homeowners carry to protect their neighborhood.

920x920An “Armed Voluntary Security Detail” consisting of homeowners in the Cobblestone neighborhood show how they typically patrol the neighborhood on foot on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016. The patrol on Wednesday was Brian (from left), Mike and Daniel who were chatting with homeowners Robert and Moses. The patrol was formed after crimes in the neighborhood alarmed some homeowners. They carry rifles and handguns along their patrols. (Kin Man Hui/San Antonio Express-News)

Emilie Eaton with reports-

After a wave of car burglaries in one Northwest Bexar County subdivision, some residents are sticking to their guns — literally.

A handful of homeowners at the Oaks at Cobblestone, a gated subdivision outside of Loop 1604 on Culebra Road, formed armed patrols last week intended to keep the neighborhood safe. The members, clad in military gear and carrying M4 assault rifles, walk around the neighborhood during the evening and look for suspicious activity.

“We care about the people around here,” said Bryan, one of the patrol members who did not want to give his last name. “These are our kids and our wives.”

But the approach is controversial among some neighbors.

“I sit on the fence,” said Richard Gorman, a subdivision resident and vice president of the Cobblestone Homeowner Association’s board of directors. “I’m licensed to carry and I believe in the Second Amendment. I also feel there is a right way to handle crime.”

After a shooting in the subdivision early Wednesday, in which a resident in his 60s told police he was shot with his own gun by one of two men, whom he described as Hispanic and wearing hoodies, the debate over how to keep the neighborhood safe intensified.

“This increases the need for patrols,” said Abigail, whose husband, an active-duty Marine, helps patrol the neighborhood.

Read more comments from residents about the controversy over the armed patrols, neighborhood crime and how the HOA plans to respond it at

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