Navy SEALs DEFY Department of Defense Directive, Send a Crystal Clear Message for All to See…


Less than a month in office, and President Trump is already one of the most beloved commanders-in-chief in US history.

Our military men and women NEVER did something like this for Obama.

Navy SEALs pose proudly for Trump, in violation of DoD Directive 1344.10

A photo is now going viral, and for good reason. A U.S. SEALs team wasn’t afraid to show their support for the new Commander in Chief, and decided to pose for a quick shot in the middle of their busy schedules.

According to Teddystick:

While this doesn’t seem like much, anyone with prior military service will tell you that displaying a politcally-charged flag such as the MAGA flag above, is a big “no-no” in the bureaucratic workings of our military. Why? It’s critical that military members remain faithful in duty to the Commander in Chief, regardless of their own political ideas.

With that said, it’s also critical for the government to work efficiently. That doesn’t happen when agencies like Homeland Security suspend Trump’s executive order to make our country safer (these SEALs understand that–they’ve actually seen combat and know the horrors).

And so, they felt like making their voices heard as well, disregarding Clause 4.1.2 of the DoD directive that clearly states:

A member of the Armed Forces on active duty shall not display a large political sign, banner, or poster…

Oh, and they also felt like flying it off the back of a quickly-advancing HMMWV (commonly known as the Humvee).


With protesters resorting to violence, deep-set political corruption from establishment officials who’ve been in power for decades, and entitlement at all-new highs, the time for political correctness is long gone. In just the past few days we have witnessed, not reporters, but government officials completely disobey and disrespect Trump. And, this is on top of building hysteria and propaganda over the same ban of terror-heavy countries that Obama implemented in 2015 (called the H.R.158 – Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015).

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The SEAL photo may be just that–a photo of a group of patriots backing up Trump. But, the wide-reaching implications are much more pertinent for discussion. With the military showing support for Trump, and entitled libtards taking to the street in violence, it’s clear there is a growing division within this country that isn’t being resolved with the same race-baiting games that got us along for the first part of this century.

No, it is time to embrace one another, American with American, dedicated to the promise and dream that we can create an America that is great, safe, prosperous, and inclusive for ALL Americans. But, for that to happen, first liberals need to stop playing the blame game. And if we’re waiting for that to happen, well, we’re looking at another long 8 years. But, at least this time it will be on our terms.


h/t: usatwentyfour