Mystery Surrounds Death Of NATO Auditor Found Shot In His Head!

Mystery Surrounds Death Of NATO Auditor Found Shot In His Head!

On December 16, Yves Chandelon, the auditor general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was found dead 62 miles from his home in the town of Lens in Belgium of a gunshot to the head.

His body was found near the town of Andenne in Belgium’s Ardennes region, some 140 kilometers away from his office at NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NPSA) in Capellen, Luxembourg and 100 kilometers away from his residence in the town of Tournai. He was reportedly visiting a friend.



Initial reports that the 62- year old man committed suicide are now severely in doubt as the latest information says that he was shot in the head with a weapon found in the glove box of the vehicle in which he was discovered.  Not only that, the gun in question was not one of the three he owned.

These are some of the many questions Mssr. Chandelon’s family claim remain unanswered in the investigation into his death.

Before he died Chandelon was responsible for internal accounting and investigating claims of money laundering and terrorism finance for NATO’s Support and Procurement Agency.  There are reports that he received strange and threatening phone calls in the weeks leading up to his death.


Chandelon’s fate was kept quiet from the public until family members began to question the official version of events five days after the discovery.  Numerous news stories are circulating in Europe, but little information is available in the United States, especially in mainstream media outlets where there is a virtual blackout.

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Chandelon’s death was the first in a deadly week for European diplomats.  The Russian ambassador to Turkey was murdered December 19, and another Russian diplomat was found dead in his apartment the same day.  At this writing there is no indication that these incidents are related.  However, all of this is happening as American

President-Elect Donald Trump is threatening to clean up not simply balance sheets in government, but relations among all of our allies.

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