MUSLIM CARNAGE On 9/11 Anniversary: WATCH Bin Laden’s Giant Crane Crash Into Mega Mosque

As many hold Osama Bin Laden responsible for the terror attack the brought America to its knees 14 years ago, irony has just crashed into the world’s largest mosque in the form of a gigantic crane.


As reported by The Daily Mail, Muslims were assembled in Saudi Arabia at the Grand Mosque of Mecca for their evening prayers on Friday, when a freak storm blew into the area. Amid high winds and thuderstorms, the gigantic crane, once operated by Bin Laden’s family firm, came crashing through the enormous mosque, killing at least 87 and injuring over 180.


Photos circulated on social media reveal the bloody carnage, as the once polished tile floor of the world’s largest mosque is now littered in rubble, dead bodies, and pools of blood. Those fleeing the area can be seen covered in soot.


Prince Khaled al-Faisal, who governs the Mecca region, ordered an investigation into the incident. The crane belongs to a German crane company, which was once operated by Bin Laden’s family consortium, who had been heading a project to expand the Holy Mosque.

Oh the irony.

H/T [Daily Mail]


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