Liberals Will Use CONDOMS to Combat Trump! GROSS!


It doesn’t seem to matter what the topic those who champion the environment above all else are pushing (or those being paid by George Soros), the ultimate answer is elimination of the white man.  With that in mind the moonbats with the Center for Biological Diversity are handing out 10,000 condoms to combat the possibility of “overpopulation” under a Trump Administration that will be – hopefully – easing the tax laws and other regulations that make having children so doggone expensive in the United States.

“Many women are already worrying about what life under President Trump is going to mean for access to affordable birth control. It’s a very real possibility that the Affordable Care Act will be gutted and contraception costs will skyrocket,” Leigh Moyer, the center’s population organizer, said in a statement. “Human population growth drives the majority of environmental problems, so making it harder to prevent unplanned pregnancy isn’t good news for women or for wildlife.”

And it most assuredly isn’t good news for all those yet to be conceived or born children who have been the target of moonbats for a few generations now.

The enviro-condoms project — using vegan, fair-trade condoms free of animal by-products — has been around since 2009, with contraceptives bearing phrases such as “wrap with care… save the polar bear” and “use a stopper… save the hopper.”

The project tour itself called Earth2TRUMP is actually going to appear in 16 cities beginning with Seattle, and will go through Colorado, Utah, Illinois and onto Florida among other states deemed stressed by too many people living there.  (No discussion on immigration, legal or not.  Just all evil white people need to put the kibosh on pro-creation.  Gee, thanks.)  The tour has every intention on being in Washington on inauguration day.

“We must stand and oppose every Trump policy that hurts wildlife; poisons our air and water; destroys our climate; promotes racism, misogyny or homophobia; and marginalizes entire segments of our society,” the center said in the announcement of the tour, saying they want to gather pledge signatures for the resistance while creating “a huge, viral social media #Earth2Trump messaging campaign.”

As if all those hormones that make up birth control packs aren’t doing a number on the environment themselves.  And it isn’t misogynistic to encourage women to disdain their own offspring and avoid their biological purpose on earth.  Got it.  Check out the march, uh, nationwide protest recruitment video.

By the way, the Center for Biological Diversity is the George Soros funded entity that wanted the Bureau of Land next pageManagement to go after Clive Bundy in a showdown.  Sounds like this is just more of the old goat’s dirty tricks.

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