Miss Kenya Asked About Donald Trump, Entire Room Erupts Over Her Answer


There’s really something odd about American politics entering the world of international beauty pageants. Well, maybe not so odd since the current President of the United States used to own the Miss Universe franchise.  So, when this year’s master of ceremonies Steve Harvey asked the current Miss Kenya, Mary Esther Were, about the election of that man to the presidency, the poor woman was caught off guard.

He asked, “Arguably no US president has had a more active 10 days in office. What are you most excited about and what concerns you when it comes to the Presidency of Donald Trump?”

Clearly, Miss Kenya wasn’t expecting a question on US politics as she fumbled for a moment before ranting about the president.

“Politics … ahh OK let me just start again,” she began, “Donald Trump, having been elected as the President of the United States, may not have been the choice of many people living in the United States because of the divided support system for the outgoing President Barack Obama, who has supporting an upcoming woman President.”

The 27-year-old beauty pageant contestant concluded saying, “So, so many people oppose his position. But I feel that once [Trump] took up his position, he was able to unify the entire nation.”

Well, not exactly, but to ask beauty pageant contestants about American politics when the women in question have no real vested interest in the matter other than how the incoming administration treats the government and people of their home nation is a little unfair.  The American mainstream media has been pushing a wedge between supporters and non of President Trump over all sorts of issues.  At the same time, behind the scenes, there are a number of nations including several in Northern and Central Africa (Kenya is just south of Somalia on the east coast of the Continent) silently breathing a sigh of relief that Donald Trump is now in charge.  Her impressions are not the same as the rest of the world.  Congratulations to the winner, Miss France.

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This poor woman really was asked an unfair question.

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