Michelle’s TANTRUM: Ditches Barrack & Girls, Boards Billionaire’s Jet SOLO


Michelle’s TANTRUM: Ditches Barrack & Girls, Boards Billionaire’s Jet SOLO

The Obama’s were scheduled to spend a few weeks in Palm Springs, California, but that all abruptly changed when Michelle was caught boarding a private jet alone. Barack was photographed visibly upset, leaving an exclusive Rancho Mirage golf course, and daughters Sasha and Malia were nowhere to be found. Now, we know why Michelle had a tantrum, demanding to leave, and you’ll be pissed off as she screws taxpayers again.

Reports from Palm Springs say that the Obama’s were upset over all the rain they had to endure. They envisioned a sun-soaked time after leaving the White House, but instead, Mother Nature brought thunderstorms almost non-stop and that really put Michelle in a foul mood.

On Friday low clouds covered the valley, temperatures dropped to a chilly 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rain flooded the streets of the city –not an ideal start to their vacation. The weather was so bad the government plane carrying the family was diverted to March Air Force Base, some 44 miles away.”

Michelle never did leave the home of Spanish Ambassador James Costo’s and his partner Michael Smith, the gay couple the Obama’s are friendly with especially since they live on an exclusive golf course. Since leaving the White House, the Obama’s seem to be reduced to the charity of friends, and Michelle decided to leave after becoming tired of the Palm Springs rain for the previous two days.

Michelle called on another one of their liberal billionaire friends, Richard Branson, who owns an island in the Carribean, asking if she could come stay with him right away. She was caught boarding his private jet without Barack or her daughters.

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A Change of Plans Like This Cost Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

With Secret Service having to be scheduled without warning and other accommodations needing to be made, a change of plans like this can cost the American taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But hey, who cares… Anything for Queen Michelle, who looked pissed off at the airport.

When Queen Michelle told her King she was taking off immediately, Hussein was seen looking like someone took his golf clubs away. Poor Queen Michelle, she just can’t seem to adapt having her red carpet and throne pulled out from under her extra wide behind!

After Michelle arrived on Branson’s “Necker Island,” the Obama’s public relations hacks scrambled to say that Barack was on the plane too, but if he was, he manage to elude the media and every camera in the area because no one saw hide nor hair of him!

Michelle Obama was seen boarding Branson’s Falcon 900EX at Palm Springs International Airport with Hussein earlier in the day. It’s crazy to think Michelle was seen by everyone boarding the plane, but Hussein was able to board without anyone seeing him… Something ain’t right about that! No one is believing it either!

The Obama’s are leaving the white house in about the same situation as the Clinton’s did… BROKE!

They may have a billionaire friend or two treating them to some of the finer things in life at the moment, but Hussein is going to have to spend some time working awhile until he gets a couple hundred million in the bank like the Clinton’s did… That $200k annual pension is not even close to enough to keep his Queen happy today… She got way too used to that endless supply of cash in the government’s bank account… Yeah, taxpayer money.

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I’ll bet it’s a long time before she spends another $2 billion vacationing over a seven year period of time again…