Message to ISIS, ISIL, or Whoever You’re Calling Yourself this Week!

Message to ISIS, ISIL, or Whoever You’re Calling Yourself this Week!

80330_BIG-128x150OK, I’ve been hearing all this talk for days now about these communist bastards threatening to seek out American Veterans and kill them. Well, I have finally snapped! I don’t know why, but that seems to be the main topic with the talking heads on the news this morning and it has put me over the edge!

My name is Camilo Andrade, I don’t write under an alias like many do, this is me! I live in Virginia and a little homework will bring you right to my front door. If you’re too damn stupid to find me from that in this information age, you don’t concern me, you’re obviously an idiot and will eventually end up turning yourself into shrapnel and spread across the desert somewhere. Moron!

Let me tell you about your prize. I am a United States Marine Corps Sergeant and a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer. I have a butt load of health problems, a prosthetic hip and another that needs repaired. I don’t move as fast as I used to, or I would come hunt your chicken sh*t ass down instead of inviting you to come after me.

Make no mistake about it though, I am still quite capable of defending myself and would much prefer you give me the opportunity to rip the jugular vein out of your throat with my new set of dentures instead of forcing me to shoot your silly ass.

You have threatened the wrong group of people and picked a fight with an adversary you are just not prepared to deal with. I don’t know a single veteran in this country that is afraid of you and your empty threats! We are not like the fools you are used to fighting. We do not beat our women and strap bombs to our children. We stand toe-to-toe with our enemies and look them in the eye as we drain the life from them!

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Before I send you to meet your maker in hell, you should know all that stuff about 72 virgins you’ve been promised, it’s BULL SH*T! I’m certain of it, the Marines have been in the Middle East for years now and we freely roam the streets of Paradise and scare the hell out of Satan… There is NO WAY the Marines have left any virgins… Definitely not 72 of them…

So, either come after me, or STFU! Your best bet, if you want to see tomorrow, would be to take your ass home and get all your friends to start Tweeting apologies and lay down your arms. American Veterans are NOT afraid of you and our active duty brethren, well… Eventually their boots will hit the ground and when they do… Your family tree is going to be missing some limbs!



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