Message to America’s Generals!

Message to America’s Generals!


OK, time for me to open my big mouth again! Someone needs to send a message to them, so it may as well be me… Who is them? Our military leaders, the Generals in Washington, D.C. advising President Obama. I hope everyone will share this and spread the message far and wide, because if things do not change soon, God only knows if America will ever recover from the mistakes being made by this administration…

So, I open up my Facebook timeline this afternoon and see a big headline to a story that reads “And Now Another Top Pentagon Official Has Just Spoken Out Strongly Against Obama Policy.”  This follows a story that was published about Marine Corps General John Kelly, head of the U.S. Southern Command, making some public statements contrary to the BS Obama is selling the American public. Before I rip into them, let’s not forget General Dempsey and his perceived push back against the White House.

Pay attention Generals! America needs you NOW! I don’t know what has happened to men in recent years, but none of you are spring chicken’s and surely remember a time when men had balls and didn’t mince their words. A time when a man’s yes meant YES and no meant NO! You are not men who were elected into your positions, you are, or should be men with demonstrated leadership abilities with a career history of proven ability to get a job done.

If Obama wants to surround himself with yes men, let him… Which of course he has hired many of them. Let those that he hired kiss his backside and make him feel good at the end of the day, America needs YOU to speak truthfully and firmly! I understand that Obama is your Commander-in-Chief and that you have to extend a certain degree of respect to him, but being honest, with any man is not disrespectful. I laugh when I hear the media making a big deal about General Dempsey, or General Kelly defying the White House because they made lame statements going against Obama’s insistence that there will be no boots on the ground in Iraq. Since when does “maybe” and “it could be” preface any statement a man would consider strong?

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It’s time that you follow those who preceded you and have retired and start pounding your fist on the desk and clearly stating to your Commander-in-Chief that we can NOT defeat ISIS without American boots on the ground! You have the support of the American people! I know no one with any military experience, nor have I spoken to anyone with any military experience, that believes the air strikes alone are going to achieve our goal and defeat ISIS. You know we need boots on the ground and it’s time that you made it clearly known! Most of you have 35 to 40 years plus of military service… What are you afraid of? Surely you would rather be forced to retire than betray the American people and surrender your integrity and honor to the politically correct…

While your Commander-in-Chief and all of his minions are appearing on talk shows, bragging about the great coalition they have assembled, assuring everyone they are working on figuring this or that problem out, thousands of people are being killed, women and children raped, American’s beheaded, it’s atrocity after atrocity and nothing of any real substance is being done!

I am pleading with you and encouraging you to remember why you put that uniform on early in your career… It’s time that you reached down deep within and found your voice again! The American people rely on their military leaders to make the difficult decisions… The American people do not expect political correctness from this countries war fighters… PLEASE, it’s time to speak up and let Obama know what is necessary to deal with ISIS! It’s time you speak up and prevent our military from being torn apart… It’s time you speak up!

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