New Year Celebration Ends In Mass Molestation of Women!

Molestation Happy New Year

Crowds Gathered To Celebrate The New Year But Molestation Was More Than The Women Expected.

When you think of New Years Eve, you probably think of parties and celebrations maybe drink and family. For many women in Bengalaru India the night conjures fear and images of molestation.

Saturday night proved less of a celebration and more a horror show for the women of Bengalaru. Many felt they had very few options for bringing in the New Year. Their choices were few, stay inside and un-harmed or celebrate with the masses and risk molestation.

Molestation the Norm in India on New Years

Police were on high alert and out in force but even their presence was not enough.

Security in the city was beefed up but it was still not enough. After the evening’s celebration all that would remain on the streets were the abused and molested women the crowd left behind.

Security measures including cameras, metal detectors, and even a special task force were in place but for many party goers the measures simply fell short.

In the end many women and children were left with no where to turn for help.

Many who gathered to celebrated noted the crowd being thicker than usual, and once midnight struck thing quickly got out of control. The Police made several attempts to get the crowd under control to no avail.

Mass Molestation during New Year Celebration

Police have admitted that there were many molestations and insinuated the number is unsure. Many of the victims are shocked and afraid to come forward.

There were many good Samaritans, people trying to help the innocent as their screams filled the air. People rushing to the aid of girls and women in trouble. Trying to help the police reach those in need.

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This was quite simply anarchy, what was supposed to be a celebration of a new year became nothing short of a horror show.

Things like this surely make me grateful for our freedoms and the people who protect us and our nation. India has a New Years problem o their hands and I truly hope it is one they can resolve before the next celebration.

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