Mars, The Search For Life Starts Here.

Silica in Chile resembles that found on Mars

MARS! New Evidence In The Search for Life.

To some it will sound like science fiction, but scientists may have found evidence of past life on Mars!

For as long as man has been on earth, we have stared at the stars. Always watching wondering if we are alone or if just maybe there is other life out there. Scientists may be a little closer to the answer. But before we look to the stars we have to look at earth.

Mars showing signs of life

In order to understand the new evidence for life on mars we first need to look at Chile. Scientists have recently been studying the hot springs in El Tatio, Chile to be exact. The location near the Atacama Desert, is considered one of the most Mars-like places on our planet.

The hot springs in El Tatio, are some of the highest on our planet. Scientists believe that the Spirit rover from 2007 found a very similar location on mars.

NASA’s rover discovered the location near a location they named the Home Pate. Old Gusev Crater is a 3-4 million year old crater close to the edge of Home Plate. Scientists believe this crater may have been the home of an ancient hot spring. Much like the ones found in Chile, but on mars.

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Silica Deposits on Mars may be the Key to proving past life.

NASA’s Spirit rover uncovered silica deposits when one of its wheels stopped working. The wheel dragged along the surface of mars uncovering the silica deposits. The wheel would later be the rover’s undoing but the silica it dug up would fuel a new debate for life on mars.

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Those silica deposits resemble similar ones found at El Tatio.

Now you are scratching your head asking what silica deposits have to do with life on mars?

Silica in Chile resembles that found on MarsThe answer to that is simple. The silica deposits at El Tatio resemble the ones found on mars. If scientists are correct silica is the answer. The silica at the hot springs in Chile is produced by microbial organisms. If the silica on mars is produced the same way as scientists believe it is, it would mean that there was in fact life on mars. At least at some point.

Further exploration of the red planet is necessary before any conclusion can be made, but it certainly looks like there may have been life on mars. Does this sound like science fiction? We will keep looking to the stars until we know for sure.



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