4 People Dead In Mall Shooting! Gunman On The Loose!

Mall Shooting

4 People Dead In Mall Shooting! Gunman On The Loose!

BURLINGTON, WASHINGTON: Four people are dead after a gunman entered the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington and began to open fire on the patrons.

Police were fairly swift responding to the report of an active shooter and began to sweep the mall for shooters immediately as they arrived. All four of the people killed were inside of Macy’s according to authorities. Reports indicate others are injured and EMS began entering as soon as the police made sure it was safe for them treat the injured.

The authorities believe there was only one shooter armed with a rifle. He is described as a Hispanic male wearing grey and is considered to be armed and dangerous. He was last seen walking toward Interstate 5, rifle in hand.

The police began receiving 9-11 calls about the shooting just before 7 p.m. State and local law enforcement assets are responding. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been dispatched to the incident also.

If anyone spots the shooter, you are encouraged not to approach him and should call 9-11 immediately.




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