Lynch Talks Clinton In Senate Hearings – WH, Leaks And Immunity


 Lynch Has An Investigation To Protect, So She’s  Not Saying Much – Don’t Talk, Just Indict

In Senate Hearings on Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was asked by Senator Lindsey Graham about the case against espionage suspect and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Graham said, “Have you ever discussed the Clinton email investigation with ‘president’ Obama or anyone at the White House?” Lynch responded, “No sir, I have not.”

Graham continued, “So when Josh Earnest speaks about the investigation and talks about, basically to reassure the American people that this is no big deal do you know where he gets that information from?” Lynch replied, “Senator No, I do not. I can assure you that neither I nor anyone from the Department has briefed Mr. Earnest or anyone at the White House about this matter or other law enforcement matters.”

Catherine Herridge is asked about the nature of the White House’s response to Lynch’s testimony. She reminds the audience that back in late January, when he was asked whether Clinton might be indicted, White House spokesliar Josh Earnest said the investigation wasn’t focused on Clinton. That proclamation was made despite the discovery ten days earlier of emails classified beyond top secret.

Josh Earnest stutters as he retracts his statement that provided the cushion for Clinton, saying, “The Attorney General, who leads that department, said that they did not occur, so I wouldn’t have any reason to disagree with her or to think that she’s not correct.” He has no reason to disagree other than to provide cover for Hillary Clinton and to help the candidate that has been chosen as the Obama successor.  They play a snippet of Earnest quoting the non-existent “some officials over there” in his original untrue statement.

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Herridge also said that Lynch’s testimony indicates she wants the White House to remain silent on the matter.

Sen Chuck Grassley also questioned Lynch about whether or not Clinton’s former aide, Bryan Pagliano, who has been granted immunity in exchange for his testimony, is obliged to likewise answer questions before Congress. Lynch preferred to respond in writing, the response being a little more involved than a simple yes or no, it would appear. Perhaps she wants to avoid a conflict or complication that could arise during the course of Clinton’s criminal espionage trial.

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