[Listen] Organizer Interview – American Spring, Ten Million March On DC


The driving force behind the upcoming “American Spring” rally in DC on May 16th is Col. Harry Riley, a retired Army Colonel. He is the guest in this YouTube on the Pete Santilli Show.

The rally is an attempt to achieve a peaceful solution through the removal of the criminals which have taken over the government in Washington DC.

The objective of creating a street clogging, paralyzing mass of people in DC during the weekend of May 16th, can be enhanced by citizens across America conducting their own public events prior to the actual DC March to get the word out. The organizers believe that the concentration of effort must take place in Washington DC, as that is the source of the problem.

They discuss the expected subversion and co-opting from the enemies of freedom, which is likely underway now and can be expected to intensify as the date draws nearer and as attention and the risk to the criminals increases.

Col Riley acknowledges that any genuine, willing and sincere representatives in Washington who are not part of the criminal elite are welcome to join up with them. He also addresses the active duty military, with the feeling of Col Riley being that the military will not participate in an action against the American people. He believes that the military is in full support of the efforts that the event is geared to achieving. Riley comments that he doesn’t care how many martial laws Barack Obama might declare, the military is on the side of the American people.

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This addresses the really that the present situation just can’t go on. Riley believes this Spring is the last opportunity we have before we slip into total chaos and the shooting starts.

Riley describes those in the Congress as the greatest threat to the United States, remarking you could pick names out of a phone book or go down to the mall and get better qualified people overnight.

He says the exponential energy from patriots out there is palatable, and that he can “feel it.”

They address the question of an armed revolt versus a peaceful march and acknowledge that this attempt at a peaceful, unarmed event may not work, but that it must be tried. If it fails, the second amendment is there for a reason. His organization already counts 1.8 million militia in their numbers.

He addresses the smear campaign that is being directed his way. It aims to discredit him by labeling him as an NSA plant. Riley acknowledges that he used to work for the NSA, back when the enemy was the Soviet Union and China. Now, the American machine has turned on the citizens and he is disgusted by what it has become.

Col Riley can be contacted here at patriotsforamerica.ning.com

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