Libyan Airbus A320 HIJACKED! {{LIVE FEED}}


 Libyan Airbus A320 HIJACKED!

A Libyan Airbus A320 flight 8U209 was highjacked on an in country flight with 118 people on board the aircraft.

The flight was redirected and forced to land in Malta. Some reports indicate 2 hijackers are on board while others are reporting there is just one. They all seem to agree that however many are in control of the aircraft, they claim to have hand grenades and have made threats to blow the plane up.

Troops are said to have taken up positions a few hundred yards back from the plane. The engines were reported to have still been running some 45 minutes after the flight was forced to land in Malta.

The pilot of the aircraft is reported to have tried really hard to get authorities to allow the flight to continue to its original destination, but they were refused.

Malta is a tiny Mediterranean island that is part of the European Union about 300 miles north of Tripoli.

We will update you when more information is available.

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