Liberal Media DOES NOT Want You to Know This One Fact About Trump Immigration Ban!

Liberal media has gone nuts ever since President Trump has issued his order for a temporary, 120-day halt to admitting refugees from seven countries, not all Muslims, just seven countries, the liberals have been going crazy. Forget that the ban is legal. Forget that it has been done in the past by Presidents of both Parties with support from both sides of the aisle.

Forget that the states that were singled out for special “handling” are all war-torn states which happen to have majority-Muslim populations. In fact, these counties were singled out not by President Trump, but by the liberal Obama administration. It was just that like so many other issues in the Obama regime, he had a personal agenda that overrode the security of the nation so he never enacted the measures the law called for.

To ignore these countries contribution to terror would be like uber liberal President Roosevelt allowing German or Japanese citizens to enter the country at will during World War II. But even with the new travel restrictions, immigration is not being stopped, it is merely being given a time-out while we take a closer look at those that have applied for entry.

Once screening provisions are put in place, President Trump wants modify admissions from those countries to give priority to Christian refugees over Muslim refugees. While his order is, both to the point and very selective. And while many may see it as unfair to allies who risked life and limb to help the American war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, The fact remains that the ultimate responsibility for the safety of Americans is the Responsibility of the President of the United States, not the liberal media or a pack of malcontents that are busy trying to tear up their home towns and block traffic.

This order is not the dangerous and radical departure from U.S. policy that his liberal critics make it out to be. While it may be bad public relations, it is fairly narrow and well within the recent tradition of immigration actions taken by the Obama and other administrations. None of the 872 persons that have been issued visas and are in the process of traveling to the U.S., will be stopped, they will only be slowed down for about 90 days while they are re-vetted. Is that really too much to ask of them to gain entry to the greatest nation on the face of the earth?

Remember, when it came to discrimination, the Obama-administration was the worlds leader. Under his policies, it was almost impossible for a Christian to emigrate to the United States even though they were the group most in danger. Obama let Jordan select the people to migrate here. Jordan took people from the refugee camps. Those camps are almost exclusively Muslim, because a Christian is not safe there. Christians stay with family or friends or other Christians where they will be safe. As a result, Since Obama opened our borders to Refugees, less than three dozen are Christians out of over 100,000 immigrants. Trump pans to change that.

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