Latino Activist, Like Donald Trump Brings Attention to Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens

On September 17, director of the Remembrance Project, Maria Espinoza, held a luncheon in her hometown of Houston, Texas, at which she hosted many moms and dads whose children were taken away at the hands of illegal aliens. Through Espinoza’s tireless efforts, these folks also got an audience that day with the only presidential nominee in our nation’s history, who has not only taken an interest in their plight, but has promised to actually enforce our nation’s immigration laws…Of course, that man is Donald J. Trump!


A few of those in attendance were:

Ray Tranchant, who lost his 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, when illegal alien and habitual DUI offender, Alfredo Ramos, slammed into her vehicle, killing her and her best friend, 17-year-old Alison Kunhardt. Both girls’ bodies had to be cut from the mangled vehicle.

Dan Golvach, whose 25-year-old son, Spencer Golvach. The young had just dropped off his girlfriend and was headed home, when he pulled up to a stoplight at the intersection of Mangum Road and West 18th street, in Harris County, Texas.

As Golvach sat waiting for the light to change, a pick up truck pulled alongside his vehicle, and without warning, the driver of the truck shot and killed the young man, according to police.

The shooter has been identified as, 31, a convicted drug dealer, living in the Houston area.

Trump meeting with the victims' families.

Trump meeting with the victims’ families.

Laura Wilkerson, whose 18-year-old son, Joshua was beaten, strangled and tortured to death by Hermillo Morales. The illegal alien bound and set fire to Joshua’s body, in a field in Pearland, Texas.

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Espinoza travels the country throughout the year, bringing with her the Stolen Lives Quilt which is emblazoned with the images of those killed by illegal aliens. At her own expense, she highlights these often forgotten deaths, and tells of the mounting death toll due to this nation’s undefended border with Mexico.

79079853b7dbc0a414fe5db74f680fdfEspinoza describes The Stolen Lives Quilt, on her website as:

The Quilt is made up of 3′ x 6′ banners that display the faces, names, and short story of three victims.  The Quilt is intended to be taken to and displayed at rallies, city council meetings, vigils, and state houses across America; anywhere we can to remind people of the continuing injustice, unspeakable loss and suffering of our families.

Since late 2012, The Quilt has reached more than 16 states.  We’re working hard to memorialize victims in every state.  We need you to be our eyes and ears, and to build America’s Quilt that serves to inform leaders that we are taking a stand for the sake of our American families who are victims of illegal alien killings.

We must insist that our public servants uphold all laws, in order to keep our families safe and to protect our jobs and resources.

This special lady gives these folks, whose grief is largely ignored by the mainstream press, what no one else can give…a voice.

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