Young Mexican Pleads For Others to KILL TRUMP! {{VIDEO}}

Kill Trump

Young Mexican Pleads For Others to KILL TRUMP!



The video you are about to watch was recently found on YouTube and depicts a young Mexican male pleading with other Mexicans to do everything possible to kill Donald J. Trump, the Republican Presidential Nominee for 2016.

The young man goes so far as to suggest that those with the ability and resources, attack at his rallies shooting and blowing them up if possible. His plea is not just limited to Trump, he also urges his supporters to kill Trump supporters.  Yes, he wants you dead too!

I have no idea who this young man is, but my guess is his freedom is limited! Here’s a fun idea… Start one of those football type pools at work to see who gets the date closest to his arrest. 🙂

If you know who this young man is or recognize him, I would urge you to contact your local FBI Field Office. I’ve not seen this story in the mainstream media yet, but my guess is this video might get this young man more attention that he anticipated.


I think we all recognize how worked up people have become over this presidential campaign, but the idea that we have reached the point where we should be posting videos urging people to kill others is absurd! We still have the power of the VOTE and that is a very strong power to wield… If I were to urge my friends, family, and supporters to do something to have an impact on this election or any election, it would be to VOTE!

Too many people stay home on election day when the polls open… They use every excuse in the book to justify not getting out to the polls to vote, believing that their vote does not matter, the system is rigged, some mysterious group of people control everything, regardless of what the people vote for, etc.,… Then when they see people with a history of doing nothing while serving in an elected office they cry for term limits… We do NOT need term limits, they already exist! The term limit for your congressperson or senator are right down the street at the ballot box!

Now, check out this idiot and share your thoughts in the comment section!


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