It’s On! We Need Recruits Everywhere to Ride on Pig Terrorism! Join Now the Post Says. {{VIDEO}}

It’s On! We Need Recruits Everywhere to Ride on Pig Terrorism! Join Now the Post Says.

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So this morning I woke up and as I was trolling the web, I ran across a pretty disturbing post about a group calling themselves the Black Riders. I don’t usually pay much attention to these sort of things, since the Black Lives Matter people and that yahoo calling himself King Noble, are about as organized as an outhouse full of shithouse rats. All they ever come up with is senseless babble.

This post got my attention for a number of reasons though. One, it seemed just a little more organized, it had a purpose expressed. Two, the purpose expressed was to “Ride on Pig Terrorism,” and “See that our racist oppressors also get a taste of death!” Third, the response to their call for others to join was significant and the death to the Police and white oppressor theme was rampant and direct.

As an American, a Marine, and a Journalist, I am a FIRM BELIEVER in the 1st Amendment and everyone’s right to say what they please and bring redress before the government. I don’t care if I agree with someone, or even if I find what they have to foul, vile, or stupid, I will defend their right to speak freely to the death!

Where I part way with my devotion to the free speech concept, is when people start threatening the lives of others! If your intent is to incite a riot, encourage others to harm or kill someone, then you certainly have the right to speak up, but you should be prepared to face the consequences of such speech! Some of you more mature readers might remember an old television series in the mid to late 70’s called Baretta. The theme song was “Don’t do the Crime, if you can’t do the Time.” Encouraging others to kill is a crime… If they actually kill someone, the crime could land you in jail for life, just as if you had pulled the trigger.

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As I prepare to share the post that caught my attention with you, I have been debating if I should blur out the names. Since they have all posted to an open page for everyone to see, there is no possible expectation of privacy, so I am leaving the names visible.

Here is the post:






The following was the attached picture:




After reading over the post, I then took to reading the comments. Here is a sampling of a few:




Screenshot_2015-09-11-09-37-47 Screenshot_2015-09-11-09-38-04 Screenshot_2015-09-11-09-39-51 Screenshot_2015-09-11-09-41-20 Screenshot_2015-09-11-09-41-46 Screenshot_2015-09-11-09-42-17


After seeing the post and these comments that followed, I decided to have a look at the web page they were directing people to for more information. At first I didn’t notice the “About Us” link as it is kind of hidden behind the main title. When I noticed it and clicked on the link, this is what I was greeted with:












As you can see, this group seems to have put a little more thought into what their mission in life is, even if it is a distorted, ill informed perspective. I find it amusing that these groups, who claim not to recognize the oppressive government of America, have the audacity to reference the Constitution as a basis for their right to conduct themselves the way they do…

The truth is, that Flag, and the government that it represents has done more for their race than any other country in the world. Slavery and segregation were indeed unfortunate periods in American history, but we are still a young nation compared to the rest of the world, and we have learned from and corrected the mistakes we have made much faster than any other country on the globe.

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As I bring this to a close, I want you to know a couple of things. First, if you are thinking someone should notify the authorities about this, rest assured, they are aware of what’s going on with this group. Second, we are better and can do better than this America! It is WAY past time for ALL of us to put this divisive, cruel period of history behind us and leave everything represented by such hate to rot with time. This has to end! War, armed conflict, street brawls, etc.,… Will solve nothing!



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