How Informed Are You? Take This Short Test!

How Informed Are You? Take This Short Test!


91zBkTdI0OL._SY300_-300x300Do you know someone who is always talking about how stupid, or uninformed people are? Well, here is an excellent test for everyone to take that should give you a fairly good idea if you, or your friend should be headed to the voting polls, or if you might want to take the time to become a little bit more informed before giving your opinions so freely.

When I first received the link to this test from the Pew Research Center and saw it was only 12 questions, I thought to myself surely it can’t assess how informed I am by simply asking me 12 questions, but I have to admit, for such a short test, it ask some very key questions that I believe do give a pretty good indication how well versed one might be on domestic and international issues.

I hope you will take a minute to take this short test and share your results with us in the comments section. Remember, NO CHEATING! Be honest!


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