Day 5: Immigration Issues Under Attack By President


BREAKING NEWS: Today, President Trump kept yet another set campaign promises by signing executive orders that will authorizing the construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall, target sanctuary cities, and focus on rounding up and deporting illegals that have been conviceted of gang violence of other crimes against the citizens of the United States. The orders issued today cover a wide range of immigration enforcement measures. But the headline item is a directive to the Departments of Homeland Security, State and the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with construction of a border wall with Mexico as fast as possible.

“We’ve been talking about this from the beginning,” Trump said, as he signed the border measure during a visit to the Department of Homeland Security. It is still not clear just who or how the wall will be financed, but the president is still insisting that Mexico will pay for the cost. Mr. Trump reiterated his vow that Mexico “absolutely” will pay for the project eventually, something the Mexican government has denied. But I will put my money on the President when it comes to this issue, there are many ways those funds can be obtained.

President Trump told ABC News in a separate interview, construction could begin in a matter of months, and that; Ultimately it will come out of what’s happening with Mexico.” Meanwhile, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said existing Homeland Security funding could be used for now to get started, and it is possible that congressional appropriations eventually would be needed. The wall was first approved by congress back in 2004, but after Democrats took control of the houses of congress they refused to provide financing for the construction.

In his speech today to the employees of Homeland Security told them that from now on their job was to enforce the laws of the United states, that for too long they had been held back from doing that. He also remined them that they were a Law Enforcement Agency and that he expected them to work within the current framework to do their jobs.

The same executive order also included provisions to provide DHS with more resources to combat illegal immigration, end what the Trump team calls “catch-and-release” policies, and prioritize the deportation of illegal immigrants who violate other laws.

One of today’s EO’s are also aimed at helping federal immigration agents crack down on illegal immigration, by restoring the so-called Secure Communities program, directing the State Department to use its leverage to ensure illegal immigrant criminals are deported to their country of origin – and moving to strip federal grant money to sanctuary states and cities that “harbor” illegal immigrants. In addition the order calls for the hiring of an additional 5,000 ICE agents. The immigration measures fall in the middle of a very busy first week for President Trump.

Next up is an Order that will address U.S. refugee and other visa policies put in place by the Obama administration over the last eight years including the highly contraversial Syrian Refugee issue. A government source said these measures are likely to include the temporary suspension of visas from problem countries like Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Libya — and could seek a reduction in the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. The measures also could address the implementation of what Trump on the campaign trail called “extreme vetting” for certain visa applicants.

During today’s address to DHS, President Trump introduced several family members that have been victims of crimes committed by illegals. He promised the group that; “their sacrifices would not go unanswered.”



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