Huckabee Calls For Obama Impeachment Or Resignation – Congress Needs Courage


Congress returns to session in DC on January 5th.  In the interest of accuracy it’s important not to mischaracterize what they do as work. They’ll be occupying space, making noise and crafting self-serving double deals for their puppet masters. [Statesman Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) excluded] There’s no reason to expect anything which serves the interest of the American people to be accomplished – why would they start now? Meaningless and Obama-friendly, oligarch-favorable legislation is the only safe bet to be forthcoming.

Many Americans realize that it is Congress that has failed America for seven years as they have habitually violated their oaths of office and allowed an illegal foreigner to continue to occupy the office of president of the United States. Most recognized, regardless of what they may claim publicly, that Obama is a fraud. They must know, or at least be willing to admit to a healthy, legitimate skepticism and are therefore obligated to err on the side of caution and investigate.

We all know that there are, at a minimum, serious questions regarding Obama’s birth records, his education, his citizenship, his social security number, his draft registration and his Illinois law license which have never been answered. Prudence and duty require those questions to be answered. A failure to do so is the fault of a cowardly, un-American Congress that chooses the path of least resistance and submission over that of service to the American people, consistent with their oaths of office.

GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has a similar point of contention with the do-nothing, surrender-first Congress. He’s questioning reported multiple instances of spying by the Obama regime on members of Congress during the lead up to the Iran bad nuclear deal.

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As much as he dislikes the spying upon Netanyahu by the White House, Huckabee understands that all nations spy on each other. What he has a much greater problem with, as should all Americans, is the possibility that the Obama regime abused the power of their office in deliberately targeting members of Congress for spying in order to control and coerce a favorable position and support on the flawed Iran deal.

The news report describes the passive outrage of those in Congress who had their privacy violated and the constitutional separation of powers among the co-equal branches of government violated as “calling for an investigation” by the corrupt Department of Justice. That’s a sure ticket to nowhere, as Fast and Furious, the IRS investigations that never happened, the lawlessness of Hillary Clinton and other cases have clearly demonstrated.

Huckabee says, “The real issue is whether or not the ‘president’ was aware that members of Congress were being tapped.” Huckabee is clearly being generous, as there is no way the participation of a United States Representative or Senator in a tapped conversation would not be known to those within the intelligence community conducting the surveillance.

He says, “If that’s the case and the ‘president’ was aware of it, Sandra I believe that this is not only unconstitutional, I believe that this is an impeachable offense and Richard Nixon resigned because of less than this.” Of course Richard Nixon didn’t have black Teflon skin to immunize himself from accountability, but Huckabee maintains his position regardless.

He adds, “I don’t think we can just gloss this over. This is a serious issue, when one branch of government spies on another branch. And if they did it unintentionally they should have reported it immediately and done a cease and desist.”

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He asks why we were spying on Israel rather than on the Iranians, as well as giving them $150 billion and everything else associated with the Iran deal, a package he described as giving them the club to hit us with.

Huckabee remains firm in his beliefs, stating, “But the bigger issue, even bigger than that, comes down to whether or not the executive branch utterly abused its power, went way beyond its limitations and spied on members of Congress.” Huckabee says, “That, I believe, is an impeachable offense and the ‘president’ should either resign or the Congress ought to have the guts to go after him. And you can’t let the Justice Department do it, they’re a toothless tiger, they will not do it. They’ve done nothing about the abuses of the IRS, nothing about Hillary Clinton’s email problems, you can’t trust them, there has to be a special investigation.

He stresses the unlikely will need to occur, the growth of a spine within the members of the legislative branch, saying, “Congress is going to have to rise up and for once show a little bit of courage, something they haven’t been doing much lately.”

The reasons why this imposter needs to be impeached are virtually unlimited, restricted only by the number of actions he and his underlings have taken during his reign of terror. The greater limitation involves the lack of courage on the part of Congress or more correctly a lack of character, dedication and respect for the United States, the American people and our Constitution.

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They couldn’t care less, for the most part, with most of the corrupt members just in it for the power and the profit.  They’ll run away fast from any chance of exposing this criminal for who he is. No investigation of any consequence will be conducted, as much as Huckabee is right in calling for one.

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