How do Chicago students get to school and back safely in the most dangerous of neighborhoods every day? There is a group of veterans, which was created by the “Leave No Veteran Behind” foundation, a non-profit organization that invests in veterans to build better communities. These veterans stand on the corners of the most dangerous streets in Chicago every school day with two way radios and protect the students from harm while they are waiting for their bus or walking to school. Veterans come from an environment where they had to watch each others back in order to survive, therefore, they make the best people in the world to watch over our children while they make it to school.

Can you imagine having to worry about rather or not your son or daughter will make it to school safely? I cannot! The areas that are watched are called “Safe Passage Zones” it gives the criminals out there a visual sight of protection toward their possible victims. They may not stop the crimes from happening everywhere or even where they are but they DO stop them from developing. Somebody is going to think twice about doing something with these veterans there on the street corners. I would imagine that even drug dealing would be minimized because the dealers would see these people and not want to make the deal while being watched. If there is a witness to a crime it is less likely that the criminal will be able to get away with it or maybe they will at least think they may be caught or that if there is a witness that they could be prosecuted easier.

If you think that this is a good idea, share it to your friends and family and maybe you can get something like this started in your area to help keep the children safe on their travels to and from school. As always, your comments are welcome below and check out the other stories I have written on the links below.

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