HERE COMES THE WALL! Look What Trump Just Made Homeland Security do for Him Today!…

Homeland Security

BAM! Look What Homeland Security HAD to do for Trump! BUILD THAT WALL!

President-elect Donald Trump’s main campaign promise was to build a wall along our southern border. Well, America, get ready for the Great Wall of America!

trump wall

According to Daily Mail, Donald Trump’s transition team is alreading moving in that direction and have asked Homeland Security for whole bunch of info he needs to build the wall including:

  • List of available assets to build the wall

  • The department’s capacity for expanding immigrant detention

  • Info on the aerial surveillance program Obama scaled back

  • They even asked if biographic information kept by the department about immigrants, had been altered out of concern for their “civil liberties”

You can see the DNA of a real business man working here. The federal government NEVER does any planning or due diligence, they just start issuing contracts and taking kick-backs!

Trump wall

The advanced has estimated that there is at least 400 miles on the Mexican border and ANOTHER 400 on the Canadian border with an immediate need for a wall. Trump has not said if he plans to build a Canadian border wall as well.

President-elect Trump has also asked Homeland Security to provide a list of EVERY executive order and directive issued by Obama since 2008. He plans on doing away with them and reinstating the LAW!

Trump is draining the swamp, holding the media accountable, creating jobs, and building the border wall. Be a proud American, share this with all your friends!!!

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