Hire Illegals, Lose Your Business License – State Bill Puts Americans First, Illegals In A Moving Van


A new bill introduced in the Indiana General Assembly on Thursday could finally mark the beginning of responsible, citizen-first labor policies in the United States. While the federal government consistently chooses to defy the will and the interests of the people, state governments in many ways still maintain the ability to act on our behalf, if they choose to do so.

The legislation, Senate Bill 285, would be among the strictest in the nation, allowing judges to strip employers of their business licenses upon a third violation of knowingly hiring an illegal alien, already a violation of federal immigration law.

The bill was introduced by State Senator Mike Delph, a Republican representing Carmel, in order to “take away the jobs magnet and remove the financial incentive of unscrupulous business people who profit off of illegal immigration.”

Two of his fellow Republican colleagues have already signed onto the bill, including key Senate Pensions and Labor Committee Chairman Phil Boots of Crawfordville. His committee must pass the measure prior to a full Senate vote.

This is an obvious piece of America-first legislation, the kind of concept that is so difficult for the US Congress to grasp, preferring to simply do nothing, fund amnesty and cast meaningless show votes. They claim to oppose illegal aliens taking American jobs and driving down wages but their actions tell a much different story.

Naturally, the open borders, “screw the American people” lobby, or the Indiana version of the Chamber of Commerce, opposes the measure. They’re part of the problem, the enemy, fascist side of the single party two party system, anxious to exploit the American worker as well as the low wage foreigner for their own economic gain.

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Kevin Brieg President of the Chamber of Commerce, chief among those “unscrupulous business people” Delph referenced, said of the bill, “We vehemently oppose it. We think the punishment is too stringent for the crime.” Of course he and his ilk could simply choose not to hire the illegals and then the nature of the sanctions would be irrelevant. It’s not that tough, with E-Verify, to make sure every employee is here legally.

In falsely presenting his organization as sympathetic to the concerns of those upon whom their illegality is creating an undue permanent economic hardship, Mark Fisher of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce said, “Concerns about illegal immigration are understandable, but Delph’s proposal is misguided.” They’re happy with the current economic rapist status quo. Why upset what’s a great deal for them based solely upon the ability of their fellow citizens to find meaningful, fair wage employment?

“We encourage and expect every business to abide by all applicable laws,” Fisher said. “However, we find this measure overly punitive and (it) risks jeopardizing the jobs of law-abiding Hoosiers working to support themselves and their families.”

Actually it doesn’t risk anything but the ability of those violating the law to continue to do so and the existence of the associated gravy train labor scale. The hypocrisy and falsehoods are always flowing fast and freely when bills to rein in immigration abuses such as this are introduced. The actual motivations of those opposing the measure are not a component of the discussion. They lie and create false, more easily supported and defended, pretenses offered as diversions from the actual issues.

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Delph assured all, “We’re certainly not trying to target any specific group, we’re trying to go after those that financially benefit from intentionally breaking the law.”

The bill would require violators to terminate all illegal aliens in their employ and submit reports on new hires with the Indiana Attorney General for a period of three years. Second time violators would be required to file for ten years, with a third offense potentially resulting in the loss of their business license.

Investigations would be conducted by the Indiana Attorney General based upon complaints filed against the businesses. Country prosecutors would then file civil complaints based upon the Attorney General’s findings.

Businesses that verify employment authorization through the federal E-Verify program would be protected and immune from prosecution for associated violations, so there is no legitimacy to complaints by the Chamber of Commerce. They simply seek a basis, groundless as it is, to continue to exploit the American workers in the interest of their own illicit gains. There’s also a provision which allows for those who engage in false or frivolous complaints to be charged with a Class B misdemeanor.

Passage of this bill would make the employment picture for Americans in Indiana much brighter. Illegal aliens would be self-deporting in droves, to nearby Illinois, home of Luis “The Roach” Gutierrez or Kentucky, where Mitch McConnell sits as the royal tortoise in opposition to government by the people. Let those anti-Americans inherit a parasitic foreigner population since they lack the courage or the moral character to do anything about it. Those who are willing to stand against tyranny deserve the rewards associated with their actions.

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The next step is to prohibit welfare and other support payments from going to the illegals. Then they’ll be racing, climbing over and stepping on top of each other to get to a more illegal-friendly state; while the people of Indiana will be going back to work.

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