WHOA: Look What Happened to Hillary Supporter IMMEDIATELY After She Attended The “DayWithoutwomen”…

Hillary Supporter

This is what happens when you leave work without giving proper notice.

This text was shared on the subbreddit /r/The_Donald about a Hillary Clinton supporter who was fired for skipping work for Women’s Day March.

Hillary Supporter

“So today has been a bit troubling for me… I lost my job…

Long story short, I was absent from work yesterday to march downtown for Women’s Day. My boss was pretty pissed but I felt like SHE would understand. But today almost as soon as I began work she confronted me about it, so naturally, I responded saying that if she gave a shit about women’s issues, she’d be more than supportive of my decision. Needless to say she was not and we got in a big argument about how she’s contributing to the problem’s women face today and how I’m “…unable to act like an adult and take responsibility for my own actions” (her words… sign). After it escalated a little and some customers began to voice their opinions on the matter, I was asked to leave and not come back… I’m seriously debating getting a few of my friends to stage a protest in front of the café or at least generating an online campaign against them. I’m pretty pissed. THIS PUSSY GRABS BCK!

But anyone here hiring or know someone who is? I’m not picky on what I do just need a job. Located in southern California.”

Hillary Supporter

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