Analyst Name “Largest Unprosecuted FRAUD!” Guess Who {{VIDEO}}

Analyst Name Largest Unprosecuted FRAUD!”

Fraud…such a simple concept used so broadly by the First Grifters of the USA.

Since March 2015, when the wider world learned of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s basement/bathroom/homegrown server, speculation has abounded as to why on earth either of them would be so careless as to actually have such an item that was clearly vulnerable to hacking from outside the American security apparatus, and what exactly it was they were hiding.


From the beginning, at least Dr. Charles Krauthammer said that it had to do with the Clinton Foundation.  Something about it just didn’t smell right.  In the intervening months, as emails from the server have been released for public consumption and the finances of the Foundation itself have been scrutinized, Krauthammer’s astute assessment just might be the root of the entire effort on the part of the Clintons.  Billions, and maybe trillions, of foreign government dollars have passed through the Foundation all while the Obama Administration – including the Clinton State Department – followed the “donations” with what really does look like favorable treatment in hindsight.

That is the perspective taken by Wall Street Analyst Charles Ortel as he spoke with One America News’ Liz Wheeler.

There are several interesting points made by Ortel that have not penetrated the mainstream media haze of fake news and Russian election meddling narratives:

  • The investigation is still ongoing.  The New York field office was told by the FBI to keep it active.
  • President-Elect Donald Trump has asked foreign governments to look into the matter.
  • The Clinton Foundation is in violation of New York State’s laws, let alone the Federal Government, thus providing another layer of legal trouble.  (They’ve never had an audit? As a veteran of non-profit, that alone is just not right.)
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fraudRegardless of what happens with the Clinton Foundation and the prosecution of the case in whatever form it takes, the Hillary Clinton email server scandal has identified one thing in American life that is set up to benefit the wealthy in a number of ways: the IRS “non-profit” code.  It has been around for over 60 years and is now getting scrutiny as much of it was set up to hide influence peddling via donations to large foundation type organizations.  Not all non-next_iconprofits fall into this category, but it should be clear from all the evidence provided that the Clinton Foundation does, and that alone deserves a second look.

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