Federal Agent: Hillary is a Kleptomaniac

We are all familiar with the looting of the White House, which took place when Bill and Hillary Clinton left in January 2001. At that time, a china cabinet, paintings and various other objects that furnished the White House and belonged to the taxpayers were stolen by the Clintons.

The total amount of this five-finger discount shopping spree amounted to more than $130,000, which more than exceeded the dollar threshold to qualify for federal grand theft charges.

In fact, February 2001, the Washington Post reported that the Clinton crime family began looting the property and having the swag shipped to their mansion in Chappaqua, New York, a year before their departure on January 20, 2001.

Well, she apparently did the same thing when she mercifully stepped down after her disastrous stint as U.S. Secretary of State, as well.

A State Department security agent has blown the whistle on Hillary.

The New York Post recently reported:

Hillary Clinton swiped State Department furniture to decorate her Washington home, a former member of her security detail has alleged to the FBI.

Early in Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, she and her staff were observed removing lamps and furniture from the State Department which were transported to her residence in Washington, DC,” an agent on the detail told the FBI.

The agent “does not know whether these items were ever returned to the government,” according to FBI notes.

The agent was assigned to Clinton in 2009, at the start of her term, but was not on the detail when Clinton left in 2013.

There have been rumors swirling around Washington for years that Hillary is actually a kleptomaniac, and often swipes silverware and other easily concealable objects from dinners and events held at the homes of Democrat donors.

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