Prominent Executive Falls For Honey Trap…SEX Was NOT What He Got!

Honey Trap

Modern America is an oversexed pleasure trap.  At least that’s what the people who try to live out their #pizzagate fantasies are going for.  Sex with underaged people – both girls and boys of all ages – is a hot commodity these days.  sexOne engineer who works for a subsidiary of Facebook, Oculus, a virtual reality hardware maker, found out that the traps laid may not have a 15-year old girl on the other end.  From Breitbart:

[Dov] Katz was arrested on December 21st near Seattle after he allegedly responded to an online advertisement posted by an undercover detective of the Tukwila police department who posed as a 15-year old girl offering sex in exchange for money.

Katz arranged to meet who he believed to be a 15-year old girl at the Embassy Suites in Tukwila, offering her $360 in exchange for unprotected sex. Katz arrived at the hotel, reportedly with $600 in cash on him, and was promptly arrested by police. According to arrest documents obtained by Geekwire, Katz claimed that he had come to the hotel to “rescue” the young girl.

Sure he was, even if people in the computing industry are spinning this as if there was doubt.  That’s what they all say when caught red-handed looking for sex with young, fresh flesh without the barrier of latex.

Katz, a key person in the development of the popular Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, got a dose of REAL reality and is currently being held on $125,000 bond with arraignment scheduled for early January.  He is charged with attempted commercial sexual abuse of a minor in King County, Washington.

This incident does demonstrate, though, that police are pursuing those who seek out the young for sexual pleasure in nooks and crannies even computer engineers wouldn’t think they would be (or else the social idiots would check out the IP addresses of the sender).  The honey traps are baited so that just sexabout anyone who is so inclined will fall in and get caught.  Food for thought in an oversexed society.

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