DeVos Confirmation Does THIS To Democrats….

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, the Donald Trump Administration notched another “first” under its belt.  Vice President Mike Pence, in his capacity as President of the Senate, broke the tie of 50-50 to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.  All across the fruited plain, Democrats and their voters are feeling the pain of this defeat thusly.

The reason why is that despite a monumental grass roots effort that lit up the Capitol switchboard in Washington, D.C., an all-night complaint session on the floor of the Senate, AND a smear campaign that makes Judge Robert Bork’s character assassination in the 80s look like child’s play, the Democrats lost this one.  The training ground known as American education is now supposedly in the hands of a woman who has no idea what she is doing.  The new Secretary of Education has no experience in public schools, period, and only went to private schools, thus disqualifying her from the position.  Seriously, this is an example of what the Democrats really think on the topic.

To be honest, reports are that DeVos’s performance at her confirmation hearings left a lot to be desired.  However, her observation that despite billions of dollars thrown at American education, the return on investment in American education – how prepared students are for the workplace – is dismal does not seem to penetrate the over “educated” crowd protesting the concept that charter schools actually work, and that education is most effective when all parties including the parents and students are invested in it.  Free government education dictated from the top doesn’t exactly do that unless one attends government schools in the districts where parents pay a premium to live just to put their kids in the schools there.  (The reality that this is an investment in their children’s education doesn’t seem to penetrate.)

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DeVos represents loss of centralized power to the Democrats.  In order to control the population, dictation of thinking processes and drumming out of alternative viewpoints and creativity must happen.  That is what centralized education via the unions and Common Core does.  DeVos believes educational decisions must be made closer to home so as to avoid this.  Private schools, charter schools, school choice via vouchers, and local school boards are her preferred ways education is delivered.  This is a fundamental threat to the left, or the Democrats.

And that is why they are whipped into a frenzy carrying their followers and sheep along with them.

As for Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the two Republican senators who voted against DeVos, good luck in the next election cycle.

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