Deplorables Plotting New Revolts, Uprisings

Even as Liberals in the United States try to upset the election of Donald Trump as the nation’s 45th President by any means possible from riots in the streets, to death threats and coercion aimed at Electors and most recently demands for a recount of votes in Democrat stronghold states, the Deplorables are gaining momentum worldwide. It seems the Election of Mr. Trump in connection with the surprise Brexit vote, has set in motion a revived political wave that is threatening to wash away European Socialist governments that have been pandering to Muslim refugees.

In formerly liberal bastions, like France, Germany and yes, even the Socialist stronghold of Italy, the so-called Deplorable movement has not only taken hold, but is likely to change the political climate in the very soul of the European Union. Currently, there are fears among government leaders in Italy that should the current Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, lose in an upcoming constitutional referendum, many of the countries troubled banks will be at risk of failing. The vote which comes next weekend could also result in dangerous market turbulence and deter investors from recapitalizing them, officials and senior bankers say.


Mr. Renzi, who says he will quit if he loses the referendum, had championed a Socialist style solution to solve the problems of Italy’s banking system. But that plan seems at risk of losing in the upcoming vote because the ranks of “Conservative” Italians has been swelling over the last few months. The reason for the increase in the Conservative wing appears to be the flood of Muslim refugees that has the country reeling under the added costs and related social problems it has caused. Currently, Italy has eight banks known to be in various stages of distress that could in fact fail should Mr. Renzi resign.

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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi speaks condemning the attacks in Belgium, during a news conference at Palazzo Chigi in Rome, Italy, March 22, 2016. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Meanwhile, Deplorables in France are making things difficult for François Fillon. Even after his thumping victory in France’s Center-right presidential primaries on Sunday which is likely to hand him the keys to the Elysée Palace. But those nasty Deplorables could still throw a wrench into that machine. Currently the Conservative party makes up between 25 and 38 percent of the vote, not enough for a clear win, but it will require some political theatrics for Fillon to pull out a win.


First, he and Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front party, “the Deplorables,” must be the two candidates who make it through the first round of elections on April 23 to square up against each other in the May 7 run-off.

Second, there is a mass of French voters who will then have to rally behind Mr. Fillon to ensure his election. That group consists mainly of those on the left and in the center who may hold their noses and vote for him just to keep out Ms. Le Pen. This happened in 2002 when Jean-Marie Le Pen, her father, lost by an overwhelming 82-18 per cent margin to Jacques Chirac. Like Mr. Fillon, Mr. Chirac was the standard-bearer of the mainstream right.

But unlike last time, France was not suffering the current wave of Muslim refugees that have been conducting almost constant riots in the city of lights since early summer. The current round of unrest against a government that has largely turned a blind eye to the foreign invaders has increased the likelihood that Ms. Le Pen could in fact defeat Mr. Fillon in a one on one contest. It seems likely that Ms Le Pen, backed by a rock-solid National Front vote of 25-30 per cent, will easily make it into the run-off.

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But if Mr. Fillon campaigns poorly, he could be shunted out by the ruling Socialist party’s candidate. However, after five years in power that has seen a huge increase in the number of Muslim that have invaded the country at a time when Islamic violence has cost the lives of over a thousand French citizens in particularly brutal murders. In short, the people are tired of the Socialists divisiveness and lack of ideas on how to handle the current problems the refugees have created.

The situation is tenuous to say the least. If Mr. Fillon under-performs, the Socialist candidate may not need even 20 per cent of the vote to squeeze into the run-off against Ms. Le Pen. That could easily clear the way for Ms. Le Pen to become the new Prime Minister and place the country firmly in the hands of the French Deplorables.


Mr. Trump’s election seems to have had far reaching effects on Deplorables around the world, giving them new hope and a reason to support candidates that want to create strong nationalist movements within their countries and tell the NWO proponents to take a flying leap.








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