DeNiro Declares War On The Donald


Not that the Hollywood crowd hasn’t made it clear that they are important to the world in their own minds at least, the moonbats are now attempting to hit the president elect, Donald Trump, where they think it will do the most good.  Rather than take to social media with rants, requests, videos and other self-eggrandizing propaganda, the people of Hollyweird are being pro-active about their displeasure and while in New York are boycotting Trump’s hotels for Robert DeNiro’s Greenwich Hotel.

If you need some inspiration and proof that progressives are going to win in the fight against Trump and his hate, this viral article will give you what you need. It’s getting passed around in all of the progressives grassroots circles, and if you haven’t read it yet you should do so now.

DeNiroAnd Robert DeNiro is one of the celebrities who has been pissing off Trump in one of the most fundamental ways: by hurting his bank account. According to a celebrity photographer, most celebrities staying in lower Manhattan are staying at DeNiro’s hotel. “Most A-listers now stay at the Greenwich Hotel owned by Robert De Niro.”

Thing is, that’s a direct contrast from before. That’s right, the Trump hotel empire’s crown jewel, the “Trump Soho Hotel” in New York City, has seen its occupancy rates drop drastically in the last six months. Specifically, the large herds of celebrities who used to flock to the posh hotel, which charges up to $50,000 per night, has also plummeted in size.

So, the people of Hollywood who claim that capitalism and the free market are all but dead, or should be, are using those very concepts to “punish” Donald Trump who can afford to take the loss far more than those people can afford to drop fifty Gs a night on a hotel room.

next pageThis is just one of many things the political left is doing to try to hurt Trump where it hurts.  Visit Left Side of History for more info.

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