DEBATE POLL: Who Won Hillary or Trump?


DEBATE POLL: Who Won Hillary or Trump?

On September 26, 2016 at 2100 hours Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off to debate the issues of concern to the American people.

As we near the day when every patriotic American must make the critical decision of who they want to take command of the White House and serve as the nation’s Commander-in-Chief, these two candidates have few opportunities to convince the American people that they deserve their vote. And the American people have few opportunities to hear them plead their case and decide for certain who they will vote for.

Many have come to believe their vote no longer matters and most politicians have come to believe they are entitled to the vote of certain demographics in the country. Some continue to believe neither are correct and still cling to the hope that their informed vote is the only hope this country—and their children and grandchildren—have of a free and prosperous future.

Some fear the only way the power of the people will ever be restored in America is by force… The bullet box and not the ballot box.

Our founders recognized that day could come and left clear authority in the Constitution for the American people to do just such a thing should it ever become necessary.


Whatever you believe and wherever your mindset is at currently, the right of the people to cast and informed vote to elect representatives that will strive to uphold the will of the people is crucial and one that many of Americas founders fought and died for to give us the tools necessary to resolve future issues without the bloodshed and sacrifice they made for the future of their children and grandchildren.

Cast your vote and share your opinion of the first presidential debate between Hillary and Trump in the comment section.


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