Cops Pull Unconscious Man From Burning Car on D.C. Beltway

Two  police officers are being honored and hailed as heroes for saving an unconscious man from a burning car on the inner loop and the Washington D.C. Beltway. Interstate 495 is a very well traveled road in the area with millions of cars a week going around and around. People going to work and coping home from work. It is a road that I truly try to avoid when I have to go somewhere.

This is an incident that happened last year but the two officers are now being honored and awarded the Medal of Valor for their heroism. Officer Cory Fields and Officer Brian Nesbitt put their lives in danger and exhibited uncommon bravery and dedication when they rescued Mr. Isreal, who was unconscious, from his burning vehicle. On September 1, 2015 Officer Fields and Nesbitt responded to a collision on I-495 near Silver Spring Maryland. When they arrived on the scene the cars engine was on fire with the thirty four year old still inside.

The drivers side of the car was against the Jersey wall barrier and it was impossible to gain entry from the drivers side so officer Fields used his baton to break the passenger side window and unlock the door. You will see in the video that there was a great deal of smoke pouring out of the car, this was all caught on the police dash cam recorder. When the other officer arrived they worked together with one through the back window and the other through the passenger side door to pull the man to safety right before the fire spread to the inside of the car.

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You can see in the video as the police officers are tending to the driver as he lies on the pavement. The driver was taken to the local hospital where he was treated with non-life threatening injuries. The firefighters that responded to the scene said that if it were not for the quick response of the police officers the driver would have certainly died from smoke inhalation or the flames would have burnt him to a crisp.

Check out the heroics of the police in this video and as always comments are welcome and please share the story to ALL your friends to show appreciation for all the hard work that the men and women of law enforcement do EVERY DAY for us!!!



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