Cops Kill UNARMED Man. You Must Share This Video!

Here is yet another video of the type of police justice we have in the United States. The shooting of an unarmed man. I am not exactly sure where this video was taken at but it appears to be in Los Angeles or Miami. It is somewhere tropical, though, that is for sure! You can see the palm trees in the background and it just amazes me the kind of things that police officers do when they have someone at gunpoint.

The man clearly has his hands up and is surrendering to the police. However, he seems to be trying to get back in his car for something. Maybe he is trying to flee or maybe he is reaching for something, it is unclear. What is clear, though, is that he has his hands in the air and after being shot about five times he steps back away from the drivers seat and he is obviously trying to give himself up to the police.

Police shooting

What happens at that point is what I am upset about. He steps back from the drivers side of the car and has his hands up, he is trying to surrender. The police officers shoot two more times and finally puts him down. Now there is a lot of talk over this video and I do not believe that shooting him was really necessary, but you have to understand what the police officers are thinking when something like this is happening.

First thing they might think is he is going to reach for a firearm and turn on them. Second thing is, did he actually get anything out of the car when he tried to get in the drivers side. I truly believe that he did not deserve this and think that this story should be shared so that awareness for this type of police brutality will NOT continue to happen.

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