CONFEDERATE FLAG Group Thrown In Jail For Doing Something They Thought Was Legal

OBAMA THROWS Georgian’s in Jail for Terrorism, Yrespect the flag

It is now official, First Amendment is no longer in effect in the state of Georgia. A grand jury has formally charged 15 members of a group supporting the Confederate flag on terrorism charges that resulted from a July confrontation with a black family who was celebrating a child’s birthday.

Brian Fortner, Douglas County District Attorney, said members of the “Respect the Flag” group violated the state’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act and made terroristic threats when their caravan of vehicles bearing the rebel flag drove past a neighborhood party.

“We do want to say that we respect the rights of all citizens to exercise their First Amendment right, but we’re going to require them when they’re doing that to respect the right of all of the citizens to feel safe,” Fortner said at a news conference attended by FOX5.

In other words, what Mr. Fortner said is that you can still exercise your first amendment rights, as long as what you say or do is supported by the state and does not offend anyone. I wonder if that is the interpretation that or founders had in mind when they wrote it down. I somehow doubt that is the case, because I don’t really think King George or his Tory supporters were not offended when the “Rebels” burned him in effigy or sang songs about hanging him and his supporters. Not to mention about how they “felt” when those nasty “Rebels” picked up guns and took shots at his army.

The incident that led to this indictment, also charges two members of the group with battery for a separate incident that occurred at a gas station on the same day. Now that decision I can understand, no person, White, Black, Red, or Yellow ever has the right to put their hands on another person except in defense of their person or someone else.

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Videos of the Confederate convoy has been viewed by millions on social media, but there is where the controversy starts. These clips show two drastically different depictions of what occurred on July 25, with each side blaming the other for generating hostility.

What is not in dispute, is that several pickup trucks, adorned with large American and Confederate flags, formed a caravan and drove into a neighborhood where a birthday party was being held for a child. There is no evidence that the members of the group were aware that such a party was going on, or that it was their intent to disrupt the event.

One man, Levi Bush, who was part of the procession, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the motorcade was making its way back from a nearby event when it drove through the area. Kayla Norton, another member of the group, told FOX5 that as they drove down the street, the party-goers began throwing objects at the trucks and making threats.

Members of the party group, say that the “Respect the Flag” participants yelled racial slurs and flashed guns. Now at this point, it is important to remember that Georgia is what is known as an Open Carry state and as such, anyone with a permit can openly carry a pistol on their person almost anywhere in the state. Rifles and Shotguns are routinely displayed in Pickup truck rear windows.

Eventually, Police were called to the confrontation, but both sides say they were the ones that called authorities. After a preliminary investigation, police left, having taken no one into custody.

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“Officers on scene were given conflicting statements as to what led up to the confrontation,” the Douglasville Police Department said in a statement. “We do not have any evidence of any shots fired nor were there any reports of a physical altercation taking place.” So in other words, two groups of persons with opposing views simply yelled at each other, breaking no laws. Which is their constitutional right.

But the indictment says the “Respect The Flag” group threatened “to commit a crime of violence to persons attending a party”, then goes on to guess at what was in the mind of the individuals by adding with the “purpose of terrorizing those individuals and in reckless disregard for the risk of causing such terror.” The indictment does not specify what “Respect the Flag” participants did or said to that end, it only makes the accusation that there were terroristic threats and that those threats came from only one side of the confrontation.

Members of “Respect the Flag” told the Washington Post the group drives around with its flags flying in order to raise money to donate American flags to people who can’t afford them.

The Confederate flag has become a hot-button issue in a left wing battle to remove all references to Southern Heritage, or the anything that even remotely relates to the topic of slavery. Today, due to our poor educational system that is mostly populated by liberal loons, much of the population believes that the Civil War was fought over the issue of Slavery. Most persons under the age of 35 and in those in poor economic situations, do not even realize that the war was in fact fought over the issue of the Federal Government overstepping its authority, much as it does today. Yes, Slavery was an issue, but it was a relatively minor one even after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation over a year into the war.


The shooting at a black Christian church in South Carolina has become the spark that has ignited the most recent wave of Black White anger that has the Confederate Battle Jack as its background, simply because the mentally disturbed shooter had pictures on his Facebook page of him with weapons and a flag in the background. Also the prosecution alleges that the perpetrator was inspired by racist propaganda.

Robert Andrew Hansard, John Anthony Allen, Lacey Paul Henderson, Joe Eric Hood, Levi Devin Bush, Ashley Elizabeth Butler, Alexis Odell Fennell, Lacey Paul Henderson, Jose Ismael Torres, Amanda Sue Dyson, Jeffery Chad Wigley, Gregory Adam Upchurch, Scott Chapman, Thomas Charles Summers and Judy King Summers were charged with violating the state terrorism act.


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