Outraged Vets Take Stand Against Un-American College.

Outraged Vets Liberal University Upsets Vets

Outraged Vets Take Stand Against Un-American College.

Snowflake College Removes American Flags!

Outraged Vets take a stand against Hampshire College.

Hampshire College, located in beautiful Amherst, Massachusetts has bit off more than they can chew. The liberal university has taken an outrageous stance against Donald Trump and in doing so enraged not only America but her veterans as well.

Liberal University Upsets Vets

In a controversial move the university decided to remove all flags from its grounds.

Hampshire College removed all flags after president elect Donald Trumps victory incited protests from the student body. The student protesters allegedly burned a flag in protest of Trumps victory and the University decided to remove all flags rather than deal with further burnings.

All flags, that includes the stars and stripes.

Outraged by the liberal College around 1,000 Veterans united to protest the university on Sunday. The college upset a lot of people with their decision to remove the flags and some of the protestors on Sunday hoped to reach out to the students during their demonstration.

Removal Of Flags Ignites Veterans at CollegeDoes Snowflake U realize how offensive removing the flag is?

Perhaps it is time for a wake up call.

When a University is allowed to remove the flag of the United States of America to please a group of spoiled liberal brats who are upset because they didn’t get their way I would say a wake up call is over due.

Do these children realize that the American flag is a symbol of freedom? The very freedom that allows them a voice and the right to protest?

Do they realize why the vets showed up to their campus? Or even why they are offended by what the university has done?

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The veterans want the students to understand one simple thing. They fought and bled for your freedoms. That includes your right to protest. It doesn’t matter what you are protesting to them. These vets would give their lives to protect your right to do so. Yet these liberal snowflakes would remove and burn the very symbol of  that freedom.

This is America, and these college students have the right to believe as they choose. As for me though, I stand with the men and women who fought under and for the very symbol that this American university has seen fit to remove.


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