CNN Pushes Women To Do The Unthinkable In Solidarity With Islamists…

The “religion of peace” is playing the guilt card again, and CNN is giving them a platform to broadcast it.  It seems that the followers of Muhammad are not feeling very safe in America, and they are taking steps that, on the surface, sound to be about blending in.  In reality, they are more about creating sympathy via the guilt route in setting themselves up as the victim.

This good, Catholic girl who grew up in a largely Jewish neighborhood knows a guilt trip when it’s being booked.  That’s all that’s going on here.  It’s the Islamist modus operandi where ever they invade.  The big thing Americans need to do is not fall into the trap.

the-muslim-woman-who-blasted-trump-while-wearing-an-american-flag-hijab-is-owning-her-hatersAllow this writer to explain.  CNN interviewed a “victim” Islamist woman (not the woman to the left who thought wrapping her head in the flag to attack Donald Trump was a good idea) who claims that, for safety reasons, she quit wearing her hijab.  The woman claims that she did not feel safe in America after an ill-mannered person drove past her, rolled the car window down, and spit at her.  (That behavior plays into Islam’s hands.  If you see an Islamist, ignore them and DO NOT make concessions.)

Naturally, this behavior is being blamed on President-Elect Donald Trump who never advocated violence against muslims, just that we need to keep them from taking over our culture.  And what does CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota suggest we American women do to make muslims feel more at home and safe?  Watch this to the end.

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Yeah…no thanks, Alisyn.  It’s one thing to advocate for a gesture of sympathy for a friend or loved one going through catastrophic disease, but this is advocacy for changing the culture to one where women really are oppressed.  Why would those of us who believe in a different faith where women are cherished join in solidarity with those advertising their own submissiveness and espousal of treating women like property?  There is no reason to do so, especially next_iconwhen the overall culture is far more women friendly than Islam ever will be.  Some of us would be willing to wear a mantilla or veil to support nuns as they wear their veil in submission to God, but muslim women?  No.

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