Too Many Christians In Congress – Is This The END of Diversity!?

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Too Many Christians In Congress – Is This The END of Diversity!?

It’s really a slow news day when a reporter from The Hill looks to the religious make-up of Congress for a story.  Jonathan Easley took to the platform to inform us that unlike the people out on the fruited plain and in the big cities of the coasts, 91% of the people currently in the House of Representatives claim they are Christians compared to somewhere between 70 and 80% of Americans call themselves Christians.  (Whether or not they act like it is not explored.)  As if 1:1 representation is required.

  • 56% are some form of protestant
  • 31% are Catholic (practice rates and devoutness vary)
  • 30 members are Jews
  • 3 are Buddists
  • 3 are Hindi
  • 2 muslims
  • One each unaffiliated and universal unitarian.

The sticking point for The Hill piece, though, is that all but two of the 293 Republicans are some form of Christian without mentioning that there is a choice among the population on whether or not to actually run for office.  (The other two Republicans are Jews.)  It seems that overwhelmingly Christians are taking the time to run for office and participate in public life.  Other faiths may not have the critical mass to yield those in leadership just yet.


As it happens, this study from Pew follows another study from Italy that claims that Christianity is the world’s most persecuted religion.  (Any practicing Catholic can attest to that.)  From Fox News:

The Center for Studies on New Religions said more than 90,000 Christians were killed in 2016.

Thirty percent of those killed were murdered by radical Islamic terrorists.

The Center for Studies on New Religions is an Italian organization promising a full report in February, but in the meantime we see from the American mainstream media the idea that the majority of representatives duly elected by a country loaded with people who claim to be Christian being overwhelmingly Christian is a problem.

And they say discrimination is dead.  Not even close.  The difference here is that the faith that brought us civilization next pageand its hallmarks is being attacked by those who do not believe or who are lukewarm to it.

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