C.J. Pearson Pleads for Help. Why Will Infuriate you!

C.J. Pearson Pleads for Help. Why Will Infuriate you!

C.J. Pearson has become a rather well known name over the last few years in the Conservative political movement, gaining his notoriety and fame through his video rants that are known to be quite critical of the liberals. He has eviscerated President Obama in many of his video’s, and has gained the attention of the national news media on more than one occasion.

While his video rants are all well thought out, articulate, and concise, one other thing has made him stand out above the rest… His age. C.J. Pearson was only eleven years old when he began to get attention and catapulted into internet fame, with a series of viral videos. Protecting him from the typical claims made by liberals when one is critical of Obama, is the color of his skin. That’s right, the young conservative Republican is now a thirteen-year-old African-American, born to an African-American mother AND father, unlike Obama.

C.J. Pearson

C.J. must have some amazing parents who seem to be totally supportive of him. Not many parents would tolerate their eleven year old attracting the kind of national, if not international attention C.J has. Not all of the attention he has gained has been positive. He has had to deal with Facebook trying to silence him, been ridiculed by friends and family, and has even received death threats.

This young, patriotic American is now calling on his supporters for help, something I have never seen him do. The reason he needs our support is pure insanity. This is a brilliant young man who clearly has a bright future ahead of himself and he deserves, as ALL of America’s youth does, a right to the best education the Country can provide. Unfortunately, as most of you already know I’m sure, the educators in this country are predominately liberal and insist that their students get in line with their way of thinking if they want to fair well academically. Conservative students are also outnumbered and most exist in silence for fear of retribution. Well, apparently the young Mr. Pearson had become the target of a couple of students who were continually harassing and belittling him. C.J. tried to report the harassment, but was met with more ridicule by his teachers and school administrators, who essentially told him to quit being a snitch.

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Well, according to C.J. things came to a head one day and him and two of his friends who were also being harassed by these two girls, “verbally” put them in their place. They didn’t get physical, they didn’t launch a counter harassment campaign, they didn’t try to publicly humiliate them, there merely challenged their intellect. The girls got upset and ran to the school administrators to complain. The same school administrators C.J. had tried to approach for help.

The complaint resulted in the three young men being suspended, with Mr. Pearson’s two friends receiving a slap on the wrist, but the school is now trying to EXPEL the young Mr. Pearson. He is well known in his area for being the young conservative internet star that he is and he lives in a community surrounded by liberals who despise his beliefs. Instead of nurturing this young mans love for politics and thirst for knowledge, they have done nothing but seek to silence him… It looks like they believe they have found that opportunity.

Please, watch the video and he will explain the situation to you. He is asking for everyone’s support and would like you to call or email his school superintendent and share your feelings with them. He is handling this the proper, civil way.


Superintendent email: [email protected]
(706) 541-0650



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