BUSTED! “Pro-Life” Scott Walker And His SCANDALOUS Relationship With Planned Parenthood

For those people who identify as Conservatives, there’s a growing resentment towards the talking heads in Washington, as these political pundits routinely make promises to their constituents in order to win elections, and then fail to follow through with their promises once in office. But perhaps even worse than broken promises, is when these politicians choose to straight-out lie to the American people in an attempt to gain political power, as is the case with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has recently thrown in his hat for the 2016 presidential race.


One of the major points of Gov. Walker’s platform is that he is a pro-life candidate, often touting that he has “defunded” Planned Parenthood in his state’s budget since 2011. During the most recent Republican Primary Debates on Wednesday, he doubled down on the statements that he has “defunded Planned Parenthood in his state,” responding with the following when the moderators asked about his legislation to defund the abortion giant.

“I defunded Planned Parenthood four and a half years ago in a blue state. But it’s bigger than that. We did that in a blue state. We took the money and put it into women’s health….I think the bigger issue is that we should be able to do this nationally. And this is precisely why so many Republicans are upset with Washington.”

While it is in fact true that Gov. Walker and Wisconsin’s state legislature have redirected about $1 million annually from funds that used to go to Planned Parenthood to his Women’s Health Block Grant, his repeated statements that he has defunded the abortion giant is a complete lie. As reported by Breitbart, Walker’s state still receives between $15 and $16 million annually through tax payer funds mainly through Medicaid and Title X (family planning), which then goes directly to various Planned Parenthood offices around the state of Wisconsin.

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Below are documents of Planned Parenthood’s Funding for 2013-2015, handed out during a recent hearing by the Wisconsin Dept of Health:

Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 9

Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 9

Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 9

If his blatant lies about defunding the abortion giant weren’t shocking enough, he has also avoided taking a hard stance against the sale and use of aborted fetal tissue in his state. When given the opportunity to commit to a proposed law that would have banned this type of activity, his actions completely contradicted his repeated pro-life stance.

“Gov. Walker was non-committal on the portion of the bill that would stop research at UW-Madison, telling reporters Wednesday the focus should be on making sure the type of activity shown in those controversial Planned Parenthood videos isn’t happening in Wisconsin,” WKOW reported. 

It’s unfathomable that any conservative running for President could consciously support abortion, but it’s even more troubling that a candidate would so blatantly lie about their stance on the subject.

It sounds top me like Gov. Walker has some explaining to do. He needs to clarify his stance, take a hard line towards truly defunding Planned Parenthood once and for all, and quit playing the politician.


While Gov. Walker is busy testing the waters, other candidates like Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina have taken the hard stance that Gov. Walker refuses to do. Not only has Cruz vowed to completely defund Planned Parenthood in all 50 states if he becomes president, but prosecute all those involved with the illegal harvesting of human body parts.


“I will instruct the United States Department of Justice to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and to prosecute any and all criminal violations by that organization,” he said on Tuesday during a Newsmax TV interview on The Hard Line. “In this latest video, they describe a little boy who after an abortion his heart was still beating and yet the technicians took scissors and cut the child’s face open to remove his brain, to sell it for profit,” Cruz said. “That is inhuman.”

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Times are changing in this country, people are awake and they are paying attention to what these candidates are saying. We will no longer sit by on the sidelines and let politicians lie their way into office. We want someone who is going to stand for the values that matter to us.

If any of these candidates truly want to be the leader of this great nation, then they better start listening to the American people. We are horrified and disgusted by the images shown in the recent Planned Parenthood videos, and will not support a candidate who pretends to take a hard stance to pander to his supporters.