“My Brothers DIED For That Flag!” Veteran Confronts IDIOTS Stomping on American Flag! [full video]


YES! It’s about time someone took a stand against these animals! If they don’t like America, get the hell out! Go to another country and step on their flag! See how that works out for you!

A U.S Veteran had enough when he saw protesters stomping on the flag of our nation. In my opinion, he handled himself VERY well. I know many vets who would have knocked those fools out, but he took the high road and attempted to reason with these ignorant losers.  He asks “what did my flag do to you?” and explains that his brothers DIED for that flag! Do they care? Nope! They aren’t capable of having respect. These fools are enjoying the freedom our soldiers fought and died for while at the same time saying ” F*CK America”!

Those protesters don’t know what real distress is, they wouldn’t last a day at war. They would be pissing their pants and crying for anyone, even white people, to save them. Maybe if we throw their asses into war they will learn why the American flag means so much to our veterans. But if we did that, we would be forcing them to become something successful in life instead of just being racists who protest all day in place of a job.

God Bless America


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