BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just Threw Trump Under The Bus With What He Just Announced!

BREAKING NEWS: Okay, I give up. Just what is going on in Washington? When did Paul Ryan decide he was the head of the country and the Republican Party? Well he must be, because he just told our president to “suck it” there would be no immediate tax cuts.

I don’t get it. Isn’t Paul Ryan supposed to be on the same side as us? Isn’t he supposed to follow the lead of our President? I mean he did a great job of following Obama’s lead for the last 2 years. Maybe that’s the problem, maybe he changed parties and just didn’t tell anyone.

It is a well known fact that President Trump would sign tax relief the moment it came to his desk, but there is a huge stumbling block to that happening. Its name is Paul Ryan. But unlike the new President, Paul Ryan is not the friend of the American worker.

In a breaking story that started with an interview with Fox and Friends today, Brian Kilmeade asked Ryan about tax reform.

Kilmeade: “The president is somewhat disappointed that there is not tax reform done right away. That the plan does not seem to be agreed upon or done yet. I always thought you wake in the morning with a plan like that, that you just didn’t have the power to implement it. Where is tax reform on your things to do list? And how ready is it to get on the president’s desk?”

Ryan: “We already have a tax plan. We ran on it. You can go to BetterGOP and look at the one the House Republicans put out there. That’s the plan we’re working off. We’re working with all of our colleagues. But it’s because the American health system is in the middle of a collapse… In the spring when we do our second budget that’s when tax reform comes in. You can’t do them at the same time because of the way the budget system works.”

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Now maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that we have had very little in the way of budgets in the last 10 years. In fact, for several of those years there was no budget and when there was it was a case of “Yes Master Obama, whatever you want, you got.” Of course that was a case where they were spending our money and forcing us to pay more, not trying to let us keep what was ours. I guess we should be used to politicians breaking their word, but it is getting pretty old.

In other words — Screw the American worker, we will get to it when and if we get to it.




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