BREAKING: One of America’s Favorite Restaurant Tells Legion Officers to Remove Vests – BOYCOTT THEM NOW!

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Of all the asinine policies, Dave and Buster’s arcade and restaurant in Kentwood, Michigan demanded veterans, Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown of the American Legion Riders Post 179 of Grandville, MI, remove their vests or vacate the restaurant.

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization. Focusing on service to veterans, servicemen and communities, the Legion evolved from a group of war-weary veterans of World War I into one of the most influential nonprofit groups in the United States. Membership swiftly grew to over 1 million, and local posts sprang up across the country. Today, membership stands at over 2.4 million in 14,000 posts worldwide. The posts are organized into 55 departments: one each for the 50 states, along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines.

restaurant legion

Over the years, the Legion has influenced considerable social change in America, won hundreds of benefits for veterans and produced many important programs for children and youth.

Dave & Buster’s in Kentwood, MI, told Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown of the American Legion Riders Post 179 out of Grandville that they had to remove their vests or turn them inside out.

The reason is seriously one of the “Left’s” mentalities and pisses me to the point I seriously hope Vets boycott Dave & Busters across the Nation.

The vests have patches of the American flag, the Prisoner of War flag and a bald eagle. Dave & Busters stated the business’ dress code prohibits evidence of gang affiliation.

Spokeswoman April Spearman said the policy was in place “to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment.”

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So according to their policy, their company considers the U.S. military and soldiers the same as the MS13, Crips, Bloods and all the rest.  Out of fear of upsetting anyone in one of their establishments that is ANTI AMERICAN they spit on our military and nations flag.

Shortly after entering the Dave & Buster’s on Saturday, Murdock says he was first asked to remove his hat.

“At first it was my beanie, so I agreed to take it off, but that wasn’t good enough for the manager,” said Murdock.

Murdock says it didn’t end there.

“As I turned to go to the bathroom to take off my beanie, the manager was standing there and placed his hand on my chest and told me I wasn’t allowed in there,” said Murdock. “We all asked why and he said it was because the jackets were gang related.”

Murdock said he doesn’t see how the policy would apply to American Legion affiliates.

“I get it,” he said. “Everyone has to have a policy to keep the unwanted element out. But an American flag and a bald eagle does not represent a gang element.”

Murdock is 110% time on target, it is clear that Dave & Busters considers our military and vets an unwanted element that they do not want in their establishments.

restaurant legion

I encourage everyone of you to spread this message everywhere and lets unite to boycott Dave & Busters nationwide.  They are against our FLAG & Vets and current military, they do not deserve to earn another single cent in our great Nation!

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The company released a statement:

“We are extremely grateful to all of our active military members and veterans and are honored to have them as valued guests in any of our locations,” she wrote. “Our policies are in no way meant to be disrespectful and we apologize for any frustration this may have caused.”

As an American Army Vet, my reply is simple… You cannot start a fire and show who you truly are and then throw out a political statement in hopes of correcting your hate and bias.  Never again Dave & Busters.