Border Agents: CBP Falsifying Detainee Numbers

Border Patrol agents have charged that the highest levels of the Obama administration are engaging in a planned cover-up of the number of detainees that they have caught illegally crossing the border. According to a spokesperson for the group, a record number of illegal aliens have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and are in U.S. Border Patrol custody in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV), according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC).

Border Patrol Agent and NBPC President Brandon Judd condemned the leadership of the Border Patrol’s parent agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), for allegedly “keeping this information secret” ahead of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. “We are at breaking point. We have the highest number of illegal aliens in custody in history in Border Patrol’s RGV Sector and this information has been kept from the American public,” said Agent Judd. “The talk of amnesty has once again created pull factors and encouraged people from all over the world to cross Mexico and then cross our porous southern border to illegally enter the U.S. We are simply overwhelmed.”


Agent Judd told reporters that Americans should vote their conscience, but when they do vote, they should have all the information available on the subject. “This is an issue of the federal government restricting crucial information from the public ahead of a presidential election and it is unacceptable. Americans deserve to know the truth. Our Border Patrol agents deserve for Americans to know what they are really facing. Too many Border Patrol agents have given their lives and left loved ones to grieve for CBP leadership to play these types of political games ahead of such an impactful election.”

The vice president of the NBPC Local 3307, which represents the majority of Border Patrol agents in the RGV Sector. Chris Cabrera said, “This isn’t surprising, considering the history of Border Patrol and CBP covering up facts and falsifying numbers.” He added, “In 2014, CBP didn’t publicize the crowded conditions in our facilities until Breitbart Texas published over forty photos depicting the reality. Only then did they properly address the crisis.”

Agent Cabrera said CBP were concealing the gravity of the current border crisis. “One side in this coming election is downplaying illegal immigration and concealing this information only serves to help that agenda.” When the RGV Sector PIO for the Border Patrol was contacted for comment, they opted not to respond to the request for clarification before the initial story was ran by Breitbart Texas. But after publication of the story. A strong denial of the agents’ claims was issued by CBP to Breitbart Texas, the denial is listed below.

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You can be the judge on the complaints of the Border Patrol agents, but you should know that just like the administrations constant revisions of the jobs numbers, historically, the CBP, has had to correct false assertions and denials over the last eight years. Probably the most glaring example of this occurred in June 2014 when an official CBP Twitter account directly accused Breitbart Texas of publishing a false report, only to later admit the report was accurate and true.


CBP has just released numbers earlier this month which indicate near-record apprehensions. But according to the assertions made by agents in the NBPC pertain only to people who illegally entered the U.S. and are currently in custody in Border Patrol facilities. According to agents, those numbers are only a part of the story.

Agent Judd said, “There is a significant difference between apprehension numbers and numbers in custody in our facilities. These record numbers in custody indicate that these are people who are not voluntarily returning. This indicates that these people will, under current policy, be released into our communities and given amnesty. This record number of people currently in detention is significant because the RGV Sector is dealing with the Gulf and Los Zetas cartels. This means our agents are busy babysitting record numbers in facilities instead of patrolling the border and stopping these murderers, kidnappers, and drug smugglers.”

Here is the Statement that was sent to Breitbart Texas from CBP after the initial story was ran. There is also a link to the full statement by Secretary Johnson on the subject.

According to the CBP: The number in custody in RGV is less than half what is was in June 2014, (which was a record number).

Also, I would refer you to Secretary Johnson’s statement about southwest border security issued October 17. In it, the Secretary addresses the specific issue of unaccompanied children and family units. The statement includes statistics for the full year of fiscal year 2016.

You can find Secretary Johnson’s statement here, on in the press release section of the website.



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