BLM Leader: “White People Are Sub-Human”

whiteTORONTO, ON- APRIL 04: Yusra Khogali leads a group of about 200 protestors in song. The Black Lives Matter demonstration travelled to Ontario's Parliament building from Toronto Police Headquarters Monday afternoon. The group was able to voice their concerns to Premier Wynne who agreed to meet with the Black Lives matter organizers. Lucas Oleniuk-Toronto Star Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star

At this rate, forget sending a lot of the protesters to jail.  Mental hospitals might be a better landing site – and not just in the United States, but Canada as well.  It seems that the Black Lives Matter infestation has spread north of the border and some of their leaders are more unhinged than they are here.  Take Yusra Khogali, for example.  She is the co-founder of the BLM chapter in Toronto. One of her favorite ways to “delegitimize” those who are not people of color is to change the spelling of “human” to “humxn” thus removing “man” from the word describing all fair skinned muggles.

(That’s really a feminist trick, but Alinsky-ites and other professional victims aren’t exactly known for creativity and originality.)

That being the case, it should be no shock to those who have followed the educational memes of the last so many decades to hear this woman take to a bull horn while standing in the flatbed of a truck to denounce those of us of European decent as being something less than human, and genocidal maniacs to boot.


So, let’s get this straight: anyone who is not a person of color – self-identified or not since in all of North America it’s not easy to find descendants of the 17th century settlers who built two nations out of nothing without at least one drop of Native American blood – is a white supremacist.  We are all guilty simply due to the color of our skin regardless of personal and family history.  It doesn’t matter if the person, like a Justin Trudeau, is acting out of a naive goodness in welcoming people from foreign lands who might want to kill them, these people think whites beleive we are supreme.  And that sentiment cannot possibly be racist because the people claiming it to be so are not white.

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And here American liberals have been trying to convince those of us south of that border that the great white north is a much more sane place to live.

The truth of the matter is that much of North America shares a history that includes conquering native peoples.  That was the way it was done in centuries past.  There are details that will not be well received by the hordes of protesters, and those who write the history books, but it did not go down as deliberate genocide and slavery.  That came later.

Yusra Khogali, a muslim woman, and her followers north of the border are part of BLM professional victims class “movement.”  That much is obvious.  The question is whether or not the audience of Canada can be influenced by the rhetoric spewed from the bull horn.

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